Flash Finds a Winning Home With Fool

Flash Finds a Winning Home With Fool

Flash Finds a Winning Home With Fool - the challenge set on April Fools day to write in under 400 words a story. The stories all entertained.
Flash Finds a Winning Home With Fool


… and a huge Bluesdoodles thank you to every writer who shared their flash inspired by Fool.

A big shout out to Jacqueline James who read, considered and judged every entry. She enjoyed all the stories and was challenged to select a winner.
About Jacqueline – “I am a retired GP now living in Cambridge. Born in Solihull I went to Sheffield University Medical school, qualifying in 1980. After a stint in hospitals, I became a GP and family planning doctor in 1986, first in inner city Sheffield and then in rural Cambridgeshire. I retired in 2016 in order to spend more time writing, walking the dog and finding out what else I’m capable of. I love to write short stories and flash fiction.  My first novel, ‘Rude Awakening’ was published in February this year.” You can find Jacqueline on Facebook

The Winner is EE Rhodes –
Cure for Death by Sleeping

Jacqueline James comments
“I love the flow of this.  A complete life in a sentence. Brilliant. As someone bound by the rules of punctuation, I surprised myself by liking this so much.”

Runner-up: Lena MacDonald – Through the Looking Glass, my vision is 20/20
Third Place: Rebecca Kinnarney – On with the Motley

Highly Commended
Maggie Seren – Highly Inappropriate
Cath Barton’s – A Fool for God

Read the winning story from EE Rhodes
All stories can be found in the Fool Booklet below ‘Cure for Death by Sleeping’

There were just eighteen things in my momma’s special keepsake box when she died and I counted them all out onto the crochet blanket she’d been busy with when the pain had started to ricochet right round her like a fox after the hens in the yard out back that pappy always went after with a broom because he couldn’t stand the sound of a rifle going off anywhere near him ever since he came back from that last tour, and who is to say what went down out there with them folks that don’t look like us nor sound like us and are not anything at all like us except in the beating of their hearts and the hope on their tongues, with their hands raised up to their version of the lord who ain’t nothing like our Jesus in any ways, but who still sends answers to some kinds of praying else why would anyone hope or ask or even have any kind of anticipatories like those things tied up in momma’s box that she saved special even if they seemed to make no sense to anyone else in these parts or the next because she knew folks needed small things to keep them breathing in the night or working in the day, and whether that was her receipt which was a cure for death by sleeping or a small chunk of iron pyrites or a packet of seeds with a treasure map tucked inside of it, written in brown ink which she swore was truly blood, and had been given to her by some cowboy land-pirate when she was a child and which if only pappy would make the time and save enough rather then spending all their spare cash on his ‘vestments and wotnots that never delivered on nothing half as much as they promised then just maybe they could go back to her knee-high to a grasshopper home and hunt down that gold and silver and jewels and do and dress up in all the fancy things she’d ever had a mind to if only she’d done what her sweet mama had said and not acted on the foolish inclinations of her heart and run off with my pappy and not relied on tiny things in old cigar boxes to insulate her from the deficiencies of her realities and the paucity of her dreams.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this Bluesdoodles event. Submissions are opening soon for an exciting new aspect of Bluesdoodles – Doodle-zine and on-line magazine of the arts.

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