Bird Sanctuary words by Karenne Griffin

Bird Sanctuary words by Karenne Griffin a poem exploring exhaustion, loss the need for a sanctuary for the mind and body

Words for International Women’s Day 2021

Bird Sanctuary

She was blank, erased
Burned out, fuse blown
A broken clockwork sparrow
Elin sat in my chair
Day after day
Numb, without tears
Hostage to her fears
Too much stress over the years
Work, husband, kids
People-pleasing, always giving
Kow-towing to the boss
Superwoman at home
Cooking, cleaning, organising
Juggling far too many balls
Suddenly she falls
I’m the one she calls
My home, her sanctuary
She needs to rest
He needs to take over
I won’t allow her to feel guilty
At first she is struck dumb
Can’t articulate her feelings
So I sit her in the sun
No longer on the run
Life is meant to be fun
I remind her
What is fun? she asks
I shake my head
In despair
Today I listened to the birds, she said a few days later
They sounded happy
After two weeks of enforced rest
Elin gets it all off her chest
With a friend like you I’m blessed
She says
What you’ve done for me
Should be available on prescription
I’m glad she’s getting better
This makes my soul take wings
Come with me tomorrow night, I say
Come listen to the choir
As we set the night on fire
Maybe we will inspire
The little sparrow stayed silent at first
Then her head lifted, her eyes caught mine
Elin got to her feet and crossed the floor
We made a space in our midst
She joined us
Now she’s singing with the flock
Folk songs and classic rock
Even Jenny from the Block
Elin stayed with me a few more weeks
Gathering strength
Walking, absorbing nature’s blessings
Singing with birds of all feathers
Getting ready to fly home
Today I paid a visit
Found husband, son and daughter
Helping like they oughtta
Elin’s treading water
No longer drowning, still singing
Feeling much more appreciated
Now they realise how bad things were
She’s found work reading
To disadvantaged children
Little birds with open beaks
She tells them when she speaks
They won’t grow up to feel like freaks

Karenne’s Bio: Karenne Griffin is the author of five novels and two travel books. She has eclectic tastes that exceed her budget, and her alter ego is a flamingo. Find  Karenne Griffin on Amazon here –

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