Martin Harley will Roll With The Punches on his birthday

Martin Harley announces forthcoming album Roll With The Punches and Tour Dates

Martin Harley and band definitely has something to say, with the positive sound on the first single and Title track from his forthcoming album, Roll with the Punches. The single is out today Friday 2nd August, as we wish Martin a very Happy Birthday as you watch the video.

‘The single “Roll with the Punches” is inspired by the notion that a positive mindset can help people deal with life’s problems, however big all small’. Martin Reports ‘It urges us to not get dragged down by other peoples judgements, to have strength and take pride in our own journey’.

Bluesdoodles, loves the deep groove and the capturing in the video the pure joy in recording the title track. The energy of the song and the inter-action of musicians adds layers of tonal depth to the magical combination of Martins’ voice and wonderful guitar playing. This single is a winning ambassador to sell the album to Martin Harley fans and beyond. The addition of the band adds textural interest without losing the essence of Martin’s playing. Roll With The Punches is a winner!

The video captures the power of acoustic blues, as this more electric sound with a band gathered around his powerful vocals and stunning guitar playing. This is blues with a gritty tone, recorded analogue recorded in a remote chapel deep in the wilds of Pembrokeshire. The title track is an enticing taster which promises to feature Harley’s trademark fine songwriting, with county blues riffs and electric bottleneck slide guitar aplenty, served with sweet vocal harmonies over the driving rhythms of co-producer and drummer Harry Harding (Yola Carter/William the Conquerer), and Award-winning Australian bassist Rex Horan (Eric Clapton, Van Morrison & Laura Marling), with Hammond maestro Jonny Henderson (Robyn Ford/Matt Schofield) adding extra sparkle on 6 of the tracks.  

Martin Harley will Roll With The Punches on his birthday

Pre Order Roll With The Punches HERE 

Martin Harley is not avoiding the stage as he tours Solo and with the Band across Europe and throughout the UK.

Solo/Duo Tour Dates

Aug 7 – 11 – Bern Buskers Festival CH

Aug 22 – 25 – Tonder Festival DK

Sept 6-9 – Harvest Time Blues Festival IRE

Sept 17 – Ark Guitars Wetzikon DOU CH

Sept 18 – Gotthard Zurich DUO CH

Sept 19 – Acoustic Nights Solothurn DUO CH

Sept 20 – Cafe Gramsci Dachau DUO DE

Sept 21 – Wild Dogs Festival Hildershiem DUO DE

Sept 22 – Karo Wesel DUO DE

Sept 27 – Lisbon Connection Festival SOLO P

Sept 28 -Teatri Caracas Oliveira De Azemies SOLO P

Martin Harley and the Band

Oct 1 – Junction 2 Cambridge BAND UK

Oct 2 – Leek Blues and Americana Festival BAND UK

Oct 3 – Union Chapel London BAND UK

Oct 4 – Liverpool Philharmonic BAND UK

Oct 5 – Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh BAND UK

Oct 6 – Cluny 2 Newcastle BAND UK

Oct 8 – Brudnell Social Club Leeds BAND UK

Oct 9 – Yellow Arch Sheffield BAND UK

Oct 10 – Phoenix Exeter BAND UK

Oct 11 – The Old Bakers Truro BAND UK

Oct 12 – Strode Theatre Street BAND UK

Oct 16 – Fleece Bristol BAND UK

Oct 17 – Wedgwood Rooms Portsmouth BAND UK

Oct 18 – Ropetackle Art Centre Shoreham BAND UK

Oct 19 – The Old Fire station Oxford BAND UK

Solo/Duo Tour Dates

Nov 15 – Porto Venue TBC SOLO P

Nov16 – Coimbra em Blues Festival SOLO P

Nov 19 – Wachenburg Weinheim DUO DE

Nov 20 – Bleu Lezard Lausanne DUO CH

Nov 21 – Vario Bar Olten DUO CH

Nov 22 – ZAK Jona DUO CH

Nov 23 – Lichtspielhaus Gloria Immendingen DUO DE

Nov 24 – Ellis Hanau DUO DE

Nov 26 – Kleefeld Hannover DUO DE

Nov 27 – Alte Molkerei Bocholt DUO DE

Nov 29 – Marenzihaus Leibnitz SOLO AT

Nov 30 – Wohnzimmer Klagenfurt SOLO AT

Dec 2 – Academy Salzburg SOLO AT

Dec 3 – Haus Der Musik Wien SOLO AT

Dec 4 – Die Bäckerei Innsbruck DUO DE

Dec 5 – Das Cann Stuttgart DUO DE

Dec 6 – Putzstein Thurnau DUO DE

Dec 7 – Gewölbe Göttingen DUO DE

Dec 8 – Altes Spital Viechtach SOLO DE

Martin Harley will Roll With The Punches on his birthday

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