Ashes delivered by the Rainbreakers

Ashes delivered by the Rainbreakers

Ashes delivered by the Rainbreakers the single released 26th Feb as the band returns to the fray with a promise of a new album to follow in 2021
Simon’s thoughts on Ashes delivered by the Rainbreakers – Out Today

I didn’t realise, on first hearing “Ashes”, that I had seen the Rainbreakers playing a support slot at the Islington Academy almost two years ago. 
Their sound has been transformed in the meantime and like seeing an acquaintance after a long period who has been working out assiduously down the gym (home gym of course in these times) pumping the iron, it’s a bit of a shock to be confronted with a far more muscular vision. 

Previously, this four-piece from Shrewsbury had been associated with a sort of rhythmic blues that set them apart from the herd and hinted that they could develop down some interesting routes. 

From the opening bars of their blistering new single, it’s immediately clear that they are aiming for a heavier rock feel: the drums are right up there in the mix, pounding out a solid beat accompanied by a rhythmic, squalling guitar that is joined after four bars by a crunching, punctuated heavy riff that gets the attention. Ben Edwards gives a great vocal performance as the song builds to its big climactic chorus, “So give me wings and let me fly”.   

The energy that sparkles through this recording makes listening a real visceral experience, a non-stop adrenalin ride from beginning to end.  Brilliant!  The single also has a rather tasty video filmed for it that manages to capture the pulsating power of the music.

Photo Credit Rob Blackman


Ben Edwards – Vocals/Guitar
Sam Edwards – Drums
Charlie Richards – Lead Guitar
Ash Milburn – Bass

Rainbreakers return to the fray.

Their return is heralded by their new single ‘Ashes’, taken from the band’s forthcoming new album to be released in 2021.
Rainbreakers kept the initial roll-out of the single very special, very exclusive, and very tangible, as it was only released on Limited Edition 7” Vinyl, with just 500 copies being pressed and printed. As an extra incentive, an exclusive signed photo was included with the hand-numbered and signed vinyl, making it even more collectable. Delighted fans have proudly been posting photos of their copies on the Rainbreakers’ social media, often on their honest to goodness turntables.

‘Ashes’ gets its official digital release across all major platforms on 26th February 2021.  

“’Ashes’ has been a long time coming,” admits frontman Ben Edwards, “and to be honest there were times last year where I wondered if it would ever see the light of day. Thankfully though, we are here now and we can’t wait for our fans to hear it!

Turning to the single, he says, “’Ashes’ is about feeling held back. Right now, the whole world is feeling that way, but this is only the beginning of the journey. Our song showcases the feelings of someone who has been thrust into a world where they are underappreciated and neglected by the system.

“Society can force people fit into certain moulds. This song explores how it feels for someone to be disregarded by their society because they do not fit the templates imposed on them; or, at least, how those aspects of a personality can feel oppressed by a system that just doesn’t care.”

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