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Recorded Music Reviews 2021 - the definitive list of albums reviewed throughout 2021 with inciteful comments from our review team of music lovers

Following an experiment last year, where we did not award doodle We feel doodle paws is clearer and will in 2021 we are rating album reviews with 5-1 paws. Explanation of how Bluesdoodles will rate the music we review  (always subjective!) throughout 2021:-

Stupendous  – 5 Doodle paws
Wonderful – 4 Doodle paws
Great Listening – 3 Doodle paws
Missed the Mark – 2 Doodle paws

The reviews are delivered by the Bluesdoodles team of reviewers, who carefully listen to the music before putting their thoughts on Bluesdoodles pages. The reviewers are Liz,  Tom, Simon, and guest contributors we are the Bluesdoodles team and love to share our thoughts on the music we are listening to.

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STUPENDOUS – 5 Doodle Paws
Graham Bonnet Band – Day Out Nowhere
Brave Rival – Life’s Memories
Matt Pearce and the Mutiny – The Soul Food Store
Adam Norsworthy – Infinite Hotel
Elles Bailey – Shining in The Half Light
John Mayall – The Sun is Shining Down

WONDERFUL – 4 Doodle Paws
Kenny Neal – Straight From The Heart
Catfish – Bound For Better Days
Emma Wilson – Wish Her Well
Eliza Neals – Badder To The Bone
Gary Cain – Next Stop
Xander and the Peace Pirates – Order Out Of Chaos
Dana Fuchs – Borrowed Time
Jack Broadbent – Ride
Black Pearl – Black Pearl
Malone Sibun – Ashes To Dust
Nazareth – Surviving The Law
The Bloody Nerve – Act II
Beau Gris Gris and the Apocalypse – Good Times EndTimes
Edgar Winter – Brother Winter
Dom Martin – A Savage Life
Dare – Road to Eden
Bananafish – Boston Bananafish
Mike Guldin – Tumblin’
Bubba and the Big Bad Blues – Tumblin’
The Blue Chevys – The Night Calls
David Lumsden – Rooted in the Blues
Larry McCray – Blues Without You
Albert Castiglia – I Got Love
Leslie West – Legacy A Tribute
Popa Chubby – Emotional Gangster
Dan Patlansky – Shelter of Bones
Naked Gypsy Queens – Georgina
Kris Barras – Death Valley Paradise
Angela Easley – Rise Up
Diamond Dogs – Slap Bang Blues Rendevous
James Oliver – Live at The Earl Haig
Nola Volume 4
Hollis Brown – The Aftermath
Steve Vai – Inviolate
Eric Gales – Crown
Wille and the Bandits – When The World Stood Still
Magnum – The Monster Roars
Dave Hunt – Behind The Moon

GREAT LISTENING – 3 Doodle paws
Lee Rogers – Gameblood
Bros Landreth – On Come Morning
Vaneese Thomas – Fight The Good Fight
Bobby Gentilo – Gentilo
Miss Bix – Bring It On
Michael Rubin – I’ll Worry If I Wanna
Henning – Skymningsmusik för dagdrömmare
The Terraplane Blues Band – Stepping stones
Volcanova – Cosmic Bullshit
The Twangtown Paramours – Double Down
The 2-19 – Revelation
Misty Blue – One Louder
Willie Jackson – All in The Blues

MISSED THE MARK – 2 Doodle paws


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