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10 Doodle Paws Stupendous
9 Doodle Paws Exceptional
8 Doodle Paws Marvellous
7 Doodle Paws Splendid
6 Doodle Paws Pleasing
5 Doodle Paws Satisfactory

The reviews delivered by the Bluesdoodles team of reviewers, who carefully listen to the music before putting their thoughts to Bluesdoodles pages. The reviewers are Liz, Biddy. Pendragon, Tom and Darren find out more about them on the About Page.

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Bluesdoodles 10 Doodle paw albums 2018

Bad Flowers Firing a Bouquet With Starting Gun

Steaming Hot Black Coffee Courtesy Of Hart Bonamassa Combo

Bootsy Collins Capturing World Wide Funk


The Other hidden gems reviewed 2018

Jared James Nichols Announces New Album Black Magic

Travel Down Sonia Leigh Musical Rabbit Hole with Mad Hatter

Toby Arrives Launching Koch Marshal Trio

Will Wilde Harmonica Stylishly covers Classics in a unique way






Danny Bryant Always a Revelation and Yours For A Song

Blues and boogie from One Man One Band Extraordinaire

Babajack In Departure Lounge Before A New Destiny

Join The Mutual Admiration Society Golden Shred Guitar Playing






Dream Train Flying Blues From Alastair Greene


Ruby Tiger Creating Vistas on Her EP

Spiritus Powerhouse Blues from Jane Lee Hooker

Ilya Portnov Debut Album Strong Brew

Lucy Zirins Sings To You Live At The Old Courts

Tommy Emmanuel Joined By Superb Artists on Accomplice One












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