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The reviews delivered by the Bluesdoodles team of reviewers, who carefully listen to the music before putting their thoughts to Bluesdoodles pages. The reviewers are Liz,  Tom, Simon, Steve and guest contributors we are the Bluesdoodles team and love to share our thoughts on the music we are listening too.

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Bluesdoodles 10 Doodle paw albums 2019

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Kyla Brox – Pain and Glory

Walter Trout – Survivor Blues

Reese Wynans – Sweet Release

The Other hidden gems reviewed 2019

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Dee Miller Band – Leopard Print Dress

Katie Knipp – Take It With You

Wily Bo Walker & Ed Brayshaw – The Roads We Ride

Tomislav Goluban – Chicago Rambler

The Ryk Mead Band – Me & The Blues

The Reverend Shawn Amos – Kitchen Table Blues Vol 1

Big Dez – Last Train

Electric Mary – Mother

Judy Sings The Blues – A Born Sinner

Jason Roberts – The Death of Stone Stanley

Deb Rhymer – Don’t Wait Up

Willa Vincitore – Choices

Carolyn Fe – Sugat Ko

Ruth Wyand and The Tribe of One

Randy Casey – I Got Lucky

Barbara Blue – Fish in Dirty H2O

Straw Bear – Fiction

Space Age Travellers – Adventure In The Shadows

Beth Hart – Live At  The Royal Albert Hall

Jock’s Juke Joint Vol 4

Eric Gales – The Bookends

Big Pete – Live at BluesNow!

Lil’ Red & The Rooster – Soul Burnin’

Lucy Zirins – Unfound

The Liam Ward Band – Uprising

Nick Steed Five – Feeling For The Blues

JP Soars – Southbound I-95

Victoria Ginty and Ladyhawke – Unfinished Business

Karen Lawrence and Blue By Nature – Best Of Live

Joe Louis Walker, Bruce Katz, Giles Robson – Journeys To The Heart Of The Blues

The Voodoo Sheiks – Unstoppable

The Inspector Cluzo – We The People Of The Soil

Marcus Lazurus – This Life

RHR – Mahogany Drift

Wolf Jaw – I Lose My Mind (single)

The New Roses – One More For The Road

Sean Taylor – This Is England (single)

Popa Chubby – Prime Cuts

Tia McGraff – Stubborn In My Blood

Jason Becker – Triumphant Heart

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