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Explanation of how the doodle paws ratings on Recorded Music Reviews work:-

10 Doodle Paws Stupendous
9 Doodle Paws Exceptional
8 Doodle Paws Marvellous
7 Doodle Paws Splendid
6 Doodle Paws Pleasing
5 Doodle Paws Satisfactory

The reviews delivered by the Bluesdoodles team of reviewers, who carefully listen to the music before putting their thoughts to Bluesdoodles pages. The reviewers are Liz, and Tom we are the Bluesdoodles team and love to share our thoughts on the music we are listening too.

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Bluesdoodles 10 Doodle paw albums 2019

The Other hidden gems reviewed 2019

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The New Roses – One More For The Road

Sean Taylor – This Is England (single)

Popa Chubby – Prime Cuts

Tia McGraff – Stubborn In My Blood

Jason Becker – Triumphant Heart

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