The New Roses have One More for the Road

With a name like The New Roses one tends to think immediately of tribute bands and the like. One listen to this band’s third album, One More For The Road, and there is little doubt that, whilst Guns And Roses are an influence, they most certainly have an identity of their own. In fact, the only disappointment is that I haven’t come across them before.  Formed in Germany in 2007, they have toured relentlessly across Europe and beyond and their music has appeared on TV (Sons of Anarchy) and they even played at the UEFA Champions League Final.

This album was actually released in 2017 but received a lift from the label (Napalm) in time for their recently completed and well-received UK appearances. The eleven songs provide newcomers like me the perfect opportunity to see exactly what I have been missing…across the tracks you will hear reflections of AC/DC and their clones but with an added edge as tinges from bands such as Little Caesar and even a little of Little Angels…a lot of little but in a good way!

Opener Quarter To Twelve sets out their stall with a modern take on hard-hitting, good time 80s rock. It also benefits from decent production allowing each instrument to be heard…the bass is particularly a stand out in the way Hardy maintains the melody while putting some neat flourishes in and around the rest of the band. The Bon Jovi like bridge leads to a guitar break that eschews speed for tone and quality…a bit short though. My Own Worst Enemy has a phased guitar intro building quickly to a heavy, blues based riff with gravelly vocals leading the way. A couple of crowd-oriented ‘oahs’ make this a shoe-in for their live set. Forever Never Comes keeps up the barrage with neat hammer-on guitar on the intro before the chords lead into a song that Airborne probably wish they wrote. Replete with more ‘whoas’, a catchy beat and another well judged and varied guitar solo. Dancin’ On A Razor Blade is as sharp and edgy as the title suggests and has a heavier sort of BJ structure, especially with its sing-a-long chorus.  Consider Me Gone is up next with another great riff and a Poison (but heavier) like feel to the way the verse and chorus hit…a heavy rock dance number! Life Ain’t Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair) is the great title for the next one and here we get a change of texture, with a countrified southern rock riff that out classes many bands of that ilk currently being feted. The bass is again brilliant in its support of the melody and the guitar excels on the wide-ranging solos. Every Wild Heart is yet another catchy as a catchy thing, Poison-y romp with the drums taking the lead and the rest of the band revelling in the melody. Now, this is a heavy rock album, so you’ll be wanting/expecting a ballad…well, wait no longer. Fight You Leaving Me gets the lighters lit and waving (or should that be mobile phones as this dreadful trend seems to have usurped the bic?) The guitar solo is also suitably restrained but still uplifting. The Same Moon is a corker with great guitar solos in perfect empathy with the song, even if the Zep inflections, particularly in the intro detract slightly for me. Piece by Peace Of Mind is prime rock with a riff that builds and builds as it wraps around the vocal melody and the slightly discordant bridge introduces the best solo yet…too short again! The title track, One More For The Road, closes the album with the addition of organ and piano expanding the sound as the band again, successfully, combine a tang (or twang) of country to a southern rock style song. The lower ranged and possibly Roland-ised guitar fills sound good too.

In summary then, here is a band that have been working hard and are at last garnering the attention their finely crafted heavy rock deserves.  Granted, you can always hear their inspirations as the album unfolds, but they are individual and good enough to stand out from the crowded 80s rock arena. Put simply, if you love hard rock with a southern edge, you will like this band.

The New Roses – One For The Road – Napalm Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing:

  1. Quarter To Twelve
  2. My Own Worst Enemy
  3. Forever Never Comes
  4. Dancin’ on a Razor Blade
  5. Consider Me Gone
  6. Life Ain’t Easy (For a Boy with Long Hair)
  7. Every Wild Heart
  8. Fight You Leaving Me
  9. The Same Moon
  10. Piece by Peace of Mind
  11. One More For The Road


Timmy Rough: vocals

Urban Berz: drums

Norman Bites: guitar

Hardy: bass

The New Roses have One More for the Road

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