Sean Taylor new single defines This Is England

First Single – This Is England from Sea Taylor’s forthcoming album The Path Into Blue

Sean Taylor’s THIS IS ENGLAND, is the new download-only single from the forthcoming album ‘The Path Into Blue’ recorded in Austin, Texas with producer Mark Hallam. The album will be released on 1st February 2019 on Sean Taylor Songs Label

In life timing is everything they say. Who are they? This is what Sean Taylor tries to answer on his timely song about England as 2019 dawns with the new expletive that will always get a reaction – yes the new B-word Brexit!

This is England is the first single released from Sean Taylor’s anticipated album The Path Into Blue and serves as a pre-cursor to his tour dates across the UK and Europe in the Spring. Bluesdoodles was impressed by Flood and Burn and this latest album promises to excite and intrigue once again as the songwriter/singer Sean Taylor delivers lyrics with a stinging relevance.

The single, This Is England, holds a reflective mirror onto the open wound that the referendum has exposed. The full complexity of emotions that defines and confuses English identity.  Sean has created an angry poetic number that opens with a blues rhythm and then we hear his vocals delivered as a spoken rap, delivered with a steady pace invoking hollers from a past we no longer have experienced.  The lyric flows with poetic determination, painting a soundscape in words of the ills and fears of England today as in his words we “Morris Dance to Brexit”. A clever thoughtful song with every listen you hear another line that creates a picture, provokes thoughts and stops us in our tracks as we peer in to the world we have created.

Will the whole album be this dystopian or will Sean deliver some hope among the lyrics of his new album The path Into Blue? We will have to wait and see!

Spring 2019 UK and European Tour

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