Listen to Pizza Man Blues by Krissy Matthews

Listen to Pizza Man Blues by Krissy Matthews

Listen to Pizza Man Blues by Krissy Matthews Bluesdoodles premiere's video of his Pandemic song as he drives delivering pizza's as stages become empty & silent
Premiere link to Pizza Man Blues from Krissy Matthews.

Bluesdoodles Thoughts: The band playing together with Krissy in a room – no audience. They are outside of their natural habitat, the stage. The opening is a restrained mix of unplugged electric guitar and percussive clapping, harkening back to before a different age invoking the holler. Then amps turned up and the music starts as an intro to THE LYRICS – the heart of the track. This is a homage to musicians trying to survive as the pandemic hit and venues closed. The modern electric blues reflecting back to other hard times and people need to eat and survive and ‘heading back to pizza delivery man.’ The upbeat melody drives the words on as we join Krissy in his car on his pizza rounds instead of travelling the roads to the next music gig! Pizza Man’s Blues a song for our times., that in the future will take everyone who has experienced the pandemic back into the collective memory of no live music and delivering or receiving pizza’s.

“This record is all about how I dealt with the problems of the last 18 months. How I adapted and what I did to survive the endless amount of cancelled shows and lost revenue. One of those things was to become a pizza man. I wanted to write a song to tell you about a day in the life of a pizza delivery boy. I am really happy to present you the title track from my forthcoming record Pizza Man Blues.”

Pizza Man Blues will be released by Ruf Records, August 27th

British Norwegian Krissy Matthews natural habitat is the stage. His story started at the age of three, in 1995 when his father invited him on stage to play along to Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. Roll forward at twenty-eight, he has gained a reputation as being one of the most unique guitarists the 21st century has seen and has gained a wealth of experience that only most musicians could dream of. 
Krissy in his short but wide-spanning career has played with the greats, John Mayall, Chris Farlowe, Arthur Brown and Maggie Bell, Toto, Gregg Allman, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Satriani, Beth Hart, Jimmie Vaughan and he was the last person to perform live on stage together with the late great Mr Jeff Healey in the UK!

A brand new Krissy Matthews studio record has been finished during the pandemic in October 2020.
This includes 9 songs all written during and about the world Lockdown, and how this personally affected him. 
This is planned for release in Autumn 2021, followed by endless touring duties between Hamburg Blues Band and his own solo career. 

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