New Roses Announces New album Nothing But Wild

German Hard Rockers THE NEW ROSES are back to climb the rock Olympus with their fourth studio album Nothing But Wild! After successful live appearances all over the world, lately opening for KISS, and the invitation to tour with the legendary Scorpions in summer, the four-piece around Timmy Rough is ready to deliver the long-awaited follow up for One For The Road (2017), which hit the top 20 in Germany.

First single ‘Down By The River’ out Friday 14th June
New album ‘Nothing But Wild’ out 2nd August 2019 – Napalm Records


For all those who can’t wait for the release of the album, the band are releasing the first single from the album – Down By The River – on Friday 14th June. The single is the ultimate soundtrack to your rock summer! Says singer Timmy Rough: “Most of the band members grew up near river Rhine. Needless to say that we spent most of our youth at the river. A six-pack of beer, a cassette tape deck and a girl you can fall in love with immediately…and the river. That was all we needed. That’s the attitude we put in “Down By The River”. Probably it will be played on any radio at any river and becomes the soundtrack of somebodies summer…”

New Roses Announces New album Nothing But Wild
photo copyright Frank Dursthoff

Bluesdoodles loved their last album check out what we said about One For the Road HERE and live they are a stunning band we caught up with them at Louisiana in Bristol.

We have heard the whole new album Nothing But Wild we can confirm you will be on a wild roller-coaster ride of rock with plenty of exciting roll! – full review coming soon! In the meantime, we have the single ‘Down By The River’ LISTEN TO IT ON SPOTIFY, DEEZER & APPLE MUSIC

This is what we thought about Down By The River – With its searing guitar intro the riffs are hot but we are by the river to cool down… This is made for radio a signature of the good-time heavy rock n’ Roll that defines The New Roses. This is music that will define your summer in later years whenever it is played it takes you back to that moment the heat, love and fun of summer 2019. The single takes you back definitely a modern-retro sound. The guitar and vocals soar, but unlike Icarus, the wings are never scorched by the sun the music is to hot for that!

New Roses Announces New album Nothing But Wild

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