23rd Day of Bluesdoodles thoughts and memories

These are Bluesdoodles favourite most played albums in 2018

Bluesdoodles Favourite Track of 2018

Joe Satriani – Cherry Blossom from What Happens Next So delighted to have heard this number played Live G3 Tour 2018 – Colston Hall

Bluesdoodles Top 5 Played Albums 2018

(Note: In No particular Order – yes it is alphabetical!)

Othello’s Favourite Album 2018 – Sari Schorr – Never Say Never

He Says “I love her voice and when she talks to us she always says kind things about her dogs – plus Never Say Veer is what I say when I am asked if I want to go for a Walk never say Never I am ready…whatever the weather

Bluesdoodles Favourite Cover Track of 2018 is…..

Ben Poole’s Dirty Laundry from his acclaimed album Anytime You Need Me

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