The Second Sons Turning The Troubadour Blue

The Second Sons Turning The Troubadour Blue

Having your Birthday is usually a fun thing to celebrate, for sure when you are in the hottest young band since the days of the Beatniks and have already toured with Greta van Fleet and The Struts! Chris Harding celebrated his very Birthday at the iconic Troubadour with a massive Rock n Roll Party almost all night and the fantastic blues-rock import directly from Liverpool in form of The Jupiter Blues. The stage was set for another legendary gig to remember in London’s most long-standing and unique coffee house. If you don’t believe me come to their next gig and see for yourself and you will agree with me that the next generation will ask “Amazing!! You were at the Troubadour when The Second Sons had their residency there and played with The Jupiter Blues! Now I am really jealous!!” So its cold, it’s dark and rush hour in the squeeze Tubes and on the streets in Earl’s Court. What better thing you can think of as heading down to The Troubadour, having a  hot and sweet coffee before making your way down to see a fantastic show.  As I went down the stairs the soundcheck was already done and I was ready for take-off. And what a flight that was trough Blues and Rock ‘n Roll, I didn’t even had time to sip on my drink.

Part One: The Jupiter Blues

The support of the evening for The Second Sons have been The Jupiter Blues, a Blues-Rock Import straight from the streets of Liverpool onto our little stage at the Troubadour. They for sure wouldn’t leave anyone behind! If you are in for rocky blues with a serious sloppy groove you do have to see them immediately! “I’m goin down” was the start of a set full of  Blues that didn’t lose anything of its mood with a serious rhythm section from Rick Davies and Ross Brown and the guitar riffs from Chris Mitchell with Dale  Orenda on lead vocals. With the first notes blasted through the speakers of “Stingin” the bug had done it’s work already. So if you can only hear Blues and Rock the rest of your live, you know why. “Six-foot bulldog” was next on the list and it is needless to mention that neither I nor my audience colleagues need a doggy to make us stay for the set. What I really enjoyed was the interaction, fooling around and fun in playing together and the lively rhythm that it creates in your stomach.  All the songs were infected with this combination of serious Blues themes and fun playing guitar chords and grooving rhythm section that made everything easy going like a New Orleans street parade. Aretha’s “Chain of fools” was a great and I am sure pleasing tribute to the Queen of Soul which would have granted her approval. It is true to say we all are fools sometimes, but it is not a shame to fall into the trap of these fab guys from Liverpool!

“Sweet little angle” is one of these musical sounds that you could easily place somewhere into a juke joint into the Mississippi Delta. I see a sunny shack in the middle of nowhere. The song sneaks through the windows and the open door and people come from work as the sun is already starting to set down. They come to have a drink, dance around and having fun. It is not too fare away for me that the same music is sneaking through the roof and into the streets of Earls Court making the people who come passing bye curious to see what the heck is going on in the Troubadour again to listen, dance and forget the working day.

“Dead on the street” is truly rising your temperature with the moving-your-butt guitar and drum rhythm they start with. When Dale joins in on the vocals it goes done your spine like honey. “While the sun is on your side” you should celebrate your luck as long as it goes and we were very lucky to have a few more songs with this very talented band. So “Pumped full of sugar” everyone was caught by their spell and soon to follow was the last song of their set with “Bullfrog Blues”.

Once again, the blues is very alive and thriving with young bands and a young open and an extremely inquisitive audience who is curious to explore all the catchy tunes, gut-wrenching voices and sounds from Robert Johnson and Ma Rainey to today’s young blues bands.  Having heard Jupiter Blues and all the other young Blues Bands I am sure the seed is growing to a very big tree.

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Part Two: The Second Sons

“Ladies and Gentlemen… The Second Sons don’t play Rock ‘n Roll. They are Rock ‘n Roll!” The introduction into the evening was simple and clear. Many who have seen them play will agree with this statement and if you have seen them once… you are already craving for the next gig. It is like a full house guarantee!  You only have to take a look at the Rhythm section in form of Alessandro Cinelli and George Price and the sheer fun with whom they enjoy it to spread the rhythm bug around you to make everyone move. I love bands with a serious guitar section and The Second Sons have two excellent guitarists with Chris Harding and Marco Cinelli. It is for me always astonishing to see how easy it looks when they fill the air with belly pleasing jiving and rocking tunes. I have to admit I cannot play any cord on any guitar what so ever. It looks so easy to me when they play their solos. I have the feeling they shake it out of their left arm. The lead vocalist and lead harpist is none other than Nick Harding and, only to speak for me, he is the natural born frontman who gets everyone involved in whatever is going on. Together they form a not to underestimate force of Rock ‘n Roll energy.

And that’s how it started:  With a royal flush on Stage in the packed West London venue to be that night.  With directly the first number Chris, Nick, George, Marco and Alessandro didn’t left any questions about it! “Light it up” kicks you out of your work shoes into your rocking boots! Truly they get “The best out of you” just by doing what they love,  playing hot Rock ‘n Roll music and drowning everyone into a mix of let-lose-feet-stomping, jumping-to-the-roof, twisting-the-day-away mood you just can’t escape.  After the “Immigration Blues” came “Eyes for You” which is always a melodic highlight that warms your heart. We were definitely not ”Sick of it all” but just warming up for a LOVE spreading “What you need is Love” and the relieving statement “Hearts don’t break around here”. That’s why we are there, aren’t we?  With “Ain’t it a shame “ came one of my favourite songs and it’s blistering mix of a catchy melody that lies in your ear forever and tempts you to sing it where you go plus Nick’s engaging presence of the caring rock n roll frontman who really wants EVERYONE to join in the chorus. “I want you” and again the band proofed that they are more than able to write catchy tunes with the potential for a chat in the London Underground when somebody can’t help themselves and just have to hum the melody which moved into his mind.  It is very easy to “Lend a hand” and support them because you rock out and have for sure a great night at one of London’s great music venues which are the backbone of London Music Nightlife and with a major talent on the British Music scene right now.  Chris, Nick, George, Marco and Alessandro are definitely THE “Talk of the town “and I think we all can be sure that the guys have a lot  “Down the line” to please their fans up and down the Country and beyond. You can’t be to old or too young! This evening there were people from 10 to 70+ and all were having a fun Rock n Roll night out together. So come and see them when they are next time in your area. The evening finished with “Can’t you see” as their signature song where Nick thanks the audience for coming along and rocking out.  “We are the Second Sons” and then off you go with the hypnotic rhythm that makes you jumping and stomping that the roof shakes, because you know soon it’ll have been a fantastic gig. But before the very end, they pleased us with some treats.  There are two songs that give me a kick when I am tired and can’t keep my eyes open and they are “Bye Bye Johnny”, the energising tribute to Chuck Berry and the last song of the evening and tribute to Tina in form of “Proud Mary”. I can truly say I had very sleepy eyes at my workplace the next day.

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