The Joy of live Music at The Waterloo Bar Blackpool

The Joy of live Music at The Waterloo Bar Blackpool

The Joy of live Music at The Waterloo Bar Blackpool as Ange Cobham relish live bands and the joy of capturing the moment. atmosphere & energy

After a really long, what felt like forever, but was actually 16 months I shot an actual live gig! It was held at the fabulous rock/live music venue The Waterloo Bar in Blackpool. I have to say, what a hidden gem this place is, full of rock memorabilia all over the walls, and a drum kit in the ladies toilets which double up as a washbasin!

Following a long journey to the bar, I managed to catch some of the first band which was Square Wild. These guys are a prog hard rock back from Manchester with powerful vocals from frontwoman Lucy. They put on a brilliant energetic set, proving that live music is certainly back!

Next up was Novustory, who also is from Manchester and also female-fronted! What an awesome strong voice Imogen has, they sound amazing together, with their powerful stadium sounds. I have had the pleasure of learning about all these amazing rising bands from the radio show I had during lockdown, so to see them live is brilliant. I am lining up more of these bands who are known as ‘New wave of classic rock’ our next rock stars, and I am excited to experience these.

Unfortunately, we had to leave before the end, and as all the bands were late taking to the stage we had to miss Hollowstar. These lads are brilliant, I have seen them before and will be catching them at Rockin’ the Bowl in September, so all is not lost. Look out for my update on that festival right here.

To summarise, it felt amazing to be back at a live music gig soaking up the atmosphere and feeling the buzz of being amongst some great people.  More importantly, it felt great to support the bands and the venue following the past year or so where they have had no income at all. This bar in particular was at risk of closure, but with dedicated customers and staff, they raised enough money including £3k recently from a sponsored truck pull, all helping to keep them open.

I plan to go to as many gigs as I can, and will be making the trip to the amazing Waterloo Bar a few times in the coming weeks. If you can get there, please go, you will not be disappointed, the beer (Cameron’s Roadcrew) is the best and they have their own bar dedicated to Lemmy! I am part of a TV pilot show in November which is being filmed here too, so it may be famous soon! I have included some images of the bar as well as some band shots.  See you down the front soon!

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