Rainbreakers travel to Louisiana in Bristol

Rainbreakers travel to Louisiana in Bristol

With the release of their acclaimed Face To Face album this summer the Rainbreakers have created the perfect jumping of board to launch their first headline tour.  Before the main act of the evening at the Louisiana, the stage tonight warmed  by The Rumble.

The Rumble, a five-piece from Forest of Dean, describe themselves as Indie Garage. They have their own sound replete with massive riffs reflecting influences from Royal Blood and The Amazons.  With a five-track EP New Rose out they are getting noticed and definitely set the stage for the main act to follow. The set was superbly played with vibrant energy, the enthusiasm of youth harnessing the power of modern Rock n’ Roll.  The five members blend their sound as they lay out the music they want you to enjoy a blending of styles. The rhythm section augmented by the wizardry of electronics, keys and synths. Leaving the front man to strut his stuff extremely well on guitar and vocals….. An entertaining opening set with layers of sound that hold your interest with a rock n’ roll attitude sprinkled with Punk while waiting for the main act of the evening The Rainbreakers.

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With a short break, a time to catch up with friends, top our glasses up and the Rainbreakers struck the first chord they have ever brought to Bristol.

Rainbreakers are now a well-oiled machine full of confidence and relaxed as they deliver their own style of music that ignores, or crosses genres and soul blends with blues and is given the edge of rock. A modern sound for the here and now this is not music that is reflecting the past but surging forward creating their own path with a distinctive and infectious musical style.  The band create a cohesive live sound building on their achievement in the studio from 2015’s release Blood Not Brass through to their latest Face to Face. The set was strong as they blended music from the past recordings and the current album. The cover slipped in was majestic as we heard Honey Jar from one of Ben’s favourites Wood Brothers.

The rhythm section is a powerhouse of bold beats as the sticks lay down a deep and varied tone under the control of Sam Edwards combined with the magic manipulation of the bass strings by Peter ‘Pedro’ Adams.  The rhythms are laid down with deep textural tones the perfect and varied backdrop for Charlie Richards’ wonderful guitar playing full of licks and riffs that add a tonal clarity and colours the rhythm guitar and vocals from Ben Edwards. Rainbreakers are a band that understands each other, playing in a harmonious fusion of sounds they are not in competition with each other but supporting and growing the music so it is transformed from the studio version to a live sound that ignites the audience with pure unadulterated joy. You know you have listened to a great live band when you want the music to go on, the set seems short despite playing nearly for an hour and a half. Highlights from a strong set for me were Lost With You, Face to Face and Blood Not Brass then as the set built and built everyone became a favourite of the night, this was music that you just wanted to soak up, reverberate deep inside your soul.   The closing song had to be Heavy Soul, the first single from the album and a powerful testament to the pain of mental health issues and depression that Ben has been living with and has shared with the world through his music. Music is a powerful tool to open up the doors on the pain of depression and anxiety. As the last notes faded and the audience cheered for more, they stood to one side on the small Louisiana stage after completing the dramatic delivery of Heavy Soul and calmly chatted. Ben came to the mic and asked the sound guy could they play more, with a collective holding of breath we waited for the answer. It was the one we wanted, thank you Mr Soundman and we had another couple of songs delivered with a generous dollop of Rainbreakers magic. In fact the soundman should be congratulated the sound was spot on throughout the night from The Rumble through to the Rainbreakers’ sublime set.

What a  superb, slick, professional set from a band that loves the music they are playing., the set was delivered in a way that was controlled, slick and professional. The Rainbreakers have arrived a band of wonderful musicians whose playing just gets better and better. They nailed it coming Face To Face with the challenges of being the headline act. The first time you headline is a big step-up as the band realise that they are not in a supporting role but are the main act add into that breaking new grounds visiting new towns and cities. Tonight, as they close the first and from tonight’s performance, not the last headline tour Rainbreakers visit Bristol for the first time. They will be welcomed back anytime soon that is a certainty.     Rainbreakers you rock!!!

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Set List
Lay It On Me
Need Your Love
Got Me Where
She Wants
Lost With You
Face To Face
Honey Jar
On My Knees
Blood Not Brass
On My Own
Take it or Leave It
Waiting On You
When My Train
Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On
Heavy Soul

Blak n Blu / Bright Lights

Rainbreakers are:
Ben Edwards- Lead Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Richards – Lead Guitar
Peter ‘Pedro’ AdamsRainbreakers travel to Louisiana in Bristol – Bass
Sam Edwards – Drums


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