New Roses Bring Rock N’ Roll Tuesday To The Louisiana

New Roses Bring Rock N’ Roll Tuesday To The Louisiana

Tonight a new young rock band, The Brink step on the stage at The Louisiana opening for The New Roses. For the majority The Brink are a new band hailing from Cambridgeshire and the five-piece filled the stage.  The sound is energetic raw and brimming with potential, with a new single out Little Janie and a new album in 2019 having recently signed to Frontiers Records.

They played a fresh, solid set from a band on the brink of being noticed with loads of potential. The rock ballads were huge, and the fledgling anthems will definitely develop into earworms. The dynamic interplay between the band made the set have a rocking energy. Tom Quick on Vocals is a focal point as be belts out the lyrics and picks up the acoustic guitar to change the tone and texture. With the pairing of Lexi Laine on lead guitar and Izzy on her flying V added depths to the guitar duo. The rhythm section is solid provided by Davide Bocci, who with his cracked cymbal tonight soldiered on and bassist Gaz Cooner. The Brink are one to look out for and follow as the bands credentials grow with the release of their new album. They did warm up the venue as it filled for The New Roses.

The New Roses, travelled from Germany to make a Tuesday night blaze hot with heavy Rock n’ Roll. The band’s first visit to Bristol, so a new band to hear play live at The Louisiana. As Timmy Rough the vocalist found out that it was only their latest album One More For The Road had been bought by the Audience. This was the perfect opportunity for this four-piece that are drenched in the energy of Rock n’ Roll the music they love to play. This is modern Rock n’ Roll blended with a plethora of tones that shapes Rock today, country, blues and Southern Rock. These textures and the shaping of the melodies can be heard and make The New Roses an exciting band to watch and more importantly listen too. Timmy as the lead man with his warm smile, charm and powerful vocals had The Louisiana crowd hanging on to every word he spoke and sang with charisma that enveloped the room.

As the crowd warmed to the whole band they knew we were in for a special night of music and intoxicated by the elegance of Norman Bites on his Flying V. He made the guitar sing with emotion, passion and pure joy. Opening the evening with numbers from their latest album we were swamped in a sea of delightful riffs, licks and tempos and absorbed into the lyrics and Timmy’s vocals that were melodic and shaped the lyrics making every word cascade across the venue. The highlight of the opening salvo of numbers has to be Dancing On A Razor. The energy is full-on and this is a number made for a larger venue the anthemic rocking number that will fill every audience with pure delight. How do you build from this point so early in the show. Easy when you have so many songs and tunes in your back pocket. Go back to first album, Without A Trace and the bouncing 2nd 1st Time, with a country twang showing the diversity of a band that just wants to rock out with the audience and  Make Tuesday the new Friday.  The title track of the second album kept the vibe country – this time the rocky end – with Dead Man’s Voice; once again replete with the rhythms from drummer Urban Berz and stinging bass lines from Hardy.

Timmy with the combination of his vocals and rhythmic guitar had the audience singing louder and louder with more confidence on It’s A Long Way as the crowd echoed back with gusto. Having heard them play tonight, many will travel along way to hear The New Roses play again. This is a band that produces a great sound and is definitely a Bluesdoodles discovery of 2019.

In amongst the high-energy Rock n’ Roll, we need a breather and Urban and Hardy also join the audience with a time-out moment. Electric guitars are replaced by acoustic as Norman and Timmy play Fight You Leaving Me. The audience calmed and listened with the intensity that good music garners when the audience is captivated by every note you play.  The paced pick up as we were taken back to imagining the life of a young boy at school with Life Aint Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair); the Louisiana crowd loved singing the refrain on this number.  Wrapping up a marvellous set with the title track One More For The Road, there had not been one weak number all night. Every moment was a highlight in the rainbow of rock n’ roll delights. What a great show. But it wasn’t over we had two more numbers finishing with Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock n’ Roll. The Louisiana was rocking with joy on a Tuesday night with The New Roses. Come back to Bristol real soon.


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