Kris Barras and Band are Divine & Dirty in Cardiff Tonight

Kris Barras and Band are Divine & Dirty in Cardiff Tonight

Kris Barras and Band are Divine & Dirty in Cardiff Tonight Live music does not get better than this - Bluesdoodles says with a very loud voice, this is a tour not to be missed.

Buffalo Summer supporting Kris Barras First Night of 2019 tour

Kris Barras in conversation

Liz from Bluesdoodles chatted to Kris Barras before the opening show of his latest headline tour. Tonight it starts at The Globe, Cardiff.  Another opportunity to hear live his latest album The Divine and Dirty always an exhilarating experience.

Does your experience of having been a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter improve your resilience when on the road and the stresses and strains of touring with the band? No not sure it does Kris says laughing, I am quite highly strung, fired up always pretty stressed. In fact it is all very similar playing guitar on stage and martial arts are very similar. At least playing guitar on a stage I don’t have to worry about having my head kicked in. I have always been good at channeling my nerves and use them in a positive wayLeading on I have to ask, Nearly a year since the release of The Divine and Dirty it has been an amazing journey. The album has been such a break through how are you planning to move forward? We have the next album recorded, no release date has been set, probably be out at the end of the year. I am happy with the sound we produce as a band. It is about keep going playing at larger venues, get our music and name known.  We have some exciting shows this year already and more are planned. Keep on touring, I love being on stage. Yes, it is a long tour UK & Europe  Yes, eighteen dates in UK then Europe,  Italy  Switzerland, France, Germany, and Poland. Also we have Rock N’ Blues in London, which is going to be amazing playing with two legends, Walter Trout & Jonny Lang. We are then back at Ramblin’ Man Fair which is always fun and two Rocktober shows in Sheffield and Norwich with Walter Trout, Dan Patlansky and Mollie Marriot. I love performing live, the least fun for me is recording in the studio. Being on stage you get that buzz of energy from the audience. The energy comes out a lot on the album as we tracked it live. The Divine and Dirty was recorded that way without any click tracks. Your music has changed since Lucky 13 which was bluesier now you have a rockier edge. I don’t want to play like every other blues guy does and sound the same. There is only so much you can do with 12-bars. So many great guys before me Freddie King, BB King, Walter Trout and more they do it so well. What can a tattooed white guy do to improve on that.  My music is heavily influenced by blues and rock in my teens I loved Metal, such as Slipknot. Mascot have given me 110% support. I wrote on The Divine and Dirty what I wanted to play. A mix of rock with southern rock vibe, catchy chorus, I am hoping that the Backing Vocal girls can join us on tour later this year.  I’m not a blues artist, I know that die-hard blues fans I am not what they want to listen to from me.  I have crossed over to the rock scene.  Look at King King and Joanne Shaw Taylor biggest blues influenced artist who have crossed over. Filling venues which unfortunately is not typical for the blues scene. You have different support acts opening for you on this tour. Do you have any influence on the opening slot? I don’t have much say, tonight is a local Band Buffalo Summer, Jack J Hutchinson as a trio is doing some dates and Grainne Duffy a couple. For South West dates we have Baby Snakes and at Torquay, Moriarty who have supported Muse will be joining us. I listen and can vet them. The support band has a specific task, a definite role to play not all bands understand this, they get in the way plus it is important that we all get on! Final question, before I let you prepare for tonight’s show.  Your house is on fire you can only save three albums what would they be?  I have a confession I don’t own any records anymore, but if I did they would be:-

Gary Moore – Wild Frontier

Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

Free – Fire and Water

Thanks for taking the time out for Bluesdoodles on this busy night – see you later on stage

A great turnout for a Wednesday night gig in Cardiff making the opening of Kris’ 2019 tour a dynamic, hot and crowded night of live music. Before the main act The Globe was entertained by Buffalo Summer. The band from Neath/Swansea  delivered an opening set that warmed the stage and audience with a big blues driven rocky sound coloured by the warmth of Southern–Rock. Big melodies, huge riffs and started the night off with a rollicking start with a powerful set of self-penned numbers.  The eight song set list included favourites Little Charles, Priscilla and Money to close the set from their current album, Second Sun. Hints of what is to come on their next album with Untouchables, and a Summer ear-worm with the sound of Down To The River.   Buffalo Summer definitely performed as a classy opening act. Leaving us ready for The Kris Barras Band to follow as we celebrated live music among friends.

The whole atmosphere went up couple a couple of huge notches as Kris entered the stage with his band. As ever he really hit the ground running with an emotionally charged opener Rock N’ Roll Running Through My Veins from his earlier Lucky 13 album.

Tonight, we saw Kris play four guitars with guile, energy. Pulling out of the six-strings different sounds and textures whether playing his Green Bacchus, beautiful PRS and his trusty Fender Telecaster. Kris really made his PRS sing and squeal with some blues-drenched rock riffs and licks.  Very early in the set with Kick Me Down we had the first highlight of the night, there would be many more. We had the crowd singing with gusto and exhilarating joy as they responded to I Don’t Owe Nobody, this is live music that energizes your soul.  In amongst the songs we know from The Divine and Dirty was the first live outing for the Cardiff audience, as Kris said “You are the guinea pigs” as he introduced us to a new song from the follow-up album. It is definitely a keeper we want What You See on the album when released If this is one track imagine what the rest will offer so will be worth the wait. His cover of Led Zeppelin’s Rock N’ roll, featuring some quality electric piano from Josh a cover and a half that the audience delighted in.  Then a rock-canting number Light It up hit the pure classic rock DNA vein.  The set was already stunning, the crowd loved singing Happy Birthday to bassist Elliot, creating the feeling of a party and being part of a family connected by the common love of live music, rock and Kris.  Always emotional for Kris and many in the audience as tears are wiped away as Kris, sings his tribute to his father who died of cancer and introduced him to playing the guitar on stage when he was 9 years old. Watching Over Me is powerful strong slow-blues and like many, this is a personal favourite number a true emotional classic.

Then straight into a rapid Rn’B/Rock n’ Roll number, Wrong Place Wrong Time. Every number demonstrates what a great guitarist he has become as he shapes the tonal tones and a spectrum of sounds and textures. His band is an extension of him they coalesce around him. Elliot and Will provide the deep rhythms that balance Kris’ guitar. The in-fills and chords from Josh on keyboards bring that added extra. Closing the set the number many have been waiting for Hail Mary. We were delighted to have Kris play this wonderful song with the acapella holler opening and connects to the crowd every time. We were united as the last chord died away, we didn’t want this music to stop. We wanted the party to continue on a Wednesday night. 

The band returned for one extra number, with Lovers and Losers then it was time to go home, with our head full of musical memories that will sustain us until the next time we hear The Kris Barras Band play, live again in Cardiff.

Bluesdoodles says with a very loud voice, this is a tour not to be missed.

The Kris Barras Band – Set List

Rock N’ Roll running through my veins

Kick Me Down

Stitch Me Up

I Don’t Owe Nobody

What You See Is What You Get

Rock N’ roll Led Zeppelin

Fresh Prince


Light It Up

Vegas Son

Watching Over Me

Wrong Place Wrong Time

Hail Mary


Lovers Or Losers

Kris Barras and Band are Divine & Dirty in Cardiff Tonight

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