Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight

Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight

Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight as Joe delivers on the Motorpoint tonight guitars, blues entertain for two hours.

Friday night, Cardiff Motorpoint at last Joe Bonamassa is in town and the stage is set and the fans are ready for a generous helping of Bonamassa Blues.

We have waited as patiently as we could as the May 2020 show was re-scheduled due to two years, of lockdowns, and silent stages in venues across the world the crowd was ready to be royally entertained by live music. With two albums delivered over this strange period, Royal Tea, and Time Clocks, it would have been no surprise if these albums dominated the setlist. Before we find out the Motorpoint goes dark and the intro to the entertainment begins at 8 pm on the dot… a very apt beginning with the sound of Welcome from the speakers as the theme tune from Welcome Back Kotter an American 70’s sitcom. Yes, it did resonate as an audience welcomed back to live music at the Motorpoint courtesy of Bonamassa and his band tonight.

Starting the two hours of six-string delight taking us back to 2018 and Evil Mama, this up-tempo guitar lick fuelled number warmed the audience and we knew Joe B was in the groove tonight. Along with Reese Wynan’s fingers as his solo proved on this number and over the next two hours. The layers his keyboard playing adds to the depth of the music, sometimes dark other times light and jovial. Reese is a legend in his own times.

The tempo changed with the 2011 album title track, Dust Bowl and recorded live since. The lyrics have strong emotional resonance and when combined with the Cherry red Gibson 335 guitar sound it is always wonderful. Tonight, it had something extra perhaps reflecting the emotional journey we have all been on often in isolation over the last two years.

The next two tracks raised the bar higher, Love Ain’t a Love Song, with the band members solo, a big shout out to Josh smith’s guitar playing supporting Joe stage left, adding to the sound that was growing and swelling the Motorpoint tonight. Followed by Midnight Blues, tipping his hat to Gary Moore using the Les Paul to profound effect, yes there was a display of wonderful guitar on show tonight.

We had dipped into the past and now the new, the pace and intensity went up a notch or two for the Time Clocks number, The Heart That Never Waits (I must admit I would have loved to have heard Notches live… next time you are in Cardiff Joe?) Followed by the first of three from Royal Tea I Didn’t Think She Would Do It, full of rocking fuelled energy. Later we would all enjoy A Conversation with Alice, co-written with Bernie Marsden with plenty of guitar magic as the guitar talks to Alice over Tea and Lonely Boy, do not expect a sad ballad this is a foot-tapping, rockabilly fuelled number that makes you want to get up and dance Friday night away.

Every number had its place on this carefully crafted setlist ensuring every angle of Joe Bonamassa’s guitar skills back to the live stage where it belongs.

Joe made sure throughout the evening that this was not a Joe Bonamassa show as he showed and encouraged the audience to show their appreciation for the superb musicians around him. This was not just a simple name call at some point in the set, it was turning and pointing shouting out their name. He appreciates the multi-faceted tones this quality group of musicians that surrounded him tonight brings to the show. Josh Smith, on Rhythm guitar with some gorgeous solos and his slide, adds that tonal shift. Jade Macrae and Dani De Andrea on vocals add sparkle and tonal range energising the songs with verve and vitality. The rocks at the heart of the band are bassist Steve Mackey and Greg Morrow on drums tonight set down some amazingly tight grooves.

Closing the night as Joe told the Cardiff crowd what I think about when waiting to come back on stage for an encore glug a grain-based spirit response huge cheer and then what is the last song Cardiff wants to hear tonight! Yes, he was right as Joe finished with the Tim Curry number that he has made his own Sloe Gin…

photo credit Mike Evans
photo credit Mike Evans

The conversations overheard as we left Motorpoint were that was good, exceptionally good, superb let us pray we do not have to wait three years before Joe Bonamassa is back on stage in Cardiff.

  • Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight
  • Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight
  • Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight
  • Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight

Joe Bonamassa – Guitar, Vocals
Josh Smith – Rhythm Guitar
Reece Wynans – Keyboard
Steve Mackey – Bass
Greg Morrow – Drums
Jade Macrae – Vocals
Dani De Andrea – Vocals

Four Year Bonamassa Drought is over in Cardiff Tonight

Brighton Centre Saturday 23rd April Royal Albert Hall, London Thursday 5th May
Royal Albert Hall, London Friday 6th May

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Review: Liz Aiken

Photo Credits: Mike Evans

All images supplied by Noble PR

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