Cinelli Brothers at Sixty Sixty Play Blues with Giles Robson

Cinelli Brothers at Sixty Sixty Play Blues with Giles Robson

The Cinelli Brothers & Giles Robson at Sixty Sixty Sounds or “How blue can you get?!”

The Cinelli Brothers! .. HA!… Look at them … Marco Cinelli on lead guitar and vocals, brother Alessandro on drums and Enzo Strano on bass, supported by the phenomenal Giles Robson on harmonica with the special guest Tommy Hare for  “Gangster of Love” and “Roll over Beethoven”. I am sure that Johnny Guitar Watson and Chuck Berry would have considered them excellent musicians and would have appreciated this tribute to them.  They smoked them Turkish!!

The sky was a little bit blueish but it grew darker irresistible. The offices around were still lit but a lot of people were on the streets on their way to the tube, the bus or to one of Soho’s live music venues .. like me with my fellow crowd colleagues as I bend into the famous Denmark Street towards Sixty Sixty Sounds, this very atmospheric guitar shop and host for this evenings Soho’s secret session.  Marco, Alessandro, Enzo and Giles were already setting up everything for an extraordinary crafted evening that would nourish our hungry souls for at least a week. With the Gibson guitars building the walls of the shop, you knew exactly what awaits you in the two sets of an intimate but nonetheless rocking and grooving Friday night secret session.

The opening song was “Cry and Shout” of the band’s album “Babe please set your alarm” and with this track they jumped right in, rocking the audience away into the world of the Blues. “I know what you did to me” and everyone knew what was going on. But it’s not only the lyric of the song, but its the guitar, the drums, the bass, the harmonica and you also hear the heartbeat through the speakers. Marcos excellent guitar playing with Alessandro and Enzo giving the rhythm the right depth and Giles adding the cry and anger to it with his harmonica is THE attraction of this song. It was followed by the albums title track which, I have to commit leaves me speechless every time I hear it. The opening lines with Marco’s distinctive and gut-wrenching voice and when Alessandro, Enzo and Giles jumping in .. they got you! So if this all is already mouthwatering do yourself a  favour and get this Album. With “don’t hold back and love me” commanding for serious head and feet whipping and their version of  “What my mama told me” by Junior Wells they steadily heated it up giving Giles the pleasure to celebrate his playing.

The same as Chicago London is a big place of many people of even more backgrounds, countries and cultures ready for blending into the urban modern city. Like the early blues musicians heading north, Marco, Alessandro and Enzo went from their home Italy north taking with them their spiritual comfort in the form of the Blues to connect it with this metropolis and their people. Life’s not a funny boat trip at times. It isn’t now and without the people at the birthplace of the blues, but like in those old days there is something that connects us all  who love this music and it is this salvation when someone on stage or in the street (when you’re lucky) shares with you his or her feelings and you think “Hey .. that’s me!?”. Our juke joint was Sixty Sixty Sounds on Friday night and we all were ready for the second and final set of the evening with some pleasant surprises.

The band started after the little break with “King Bee” from  Slim Harpo and this was followed by the famous “Back Door Man”. I don’t tell any news that the Cinelli Brothers are joining a very long list of blues and rock bands who interpreted this  Willie Dixon’s song. It’s the song I love the most and I heard it from many different musicians and it was the highlight of the concert to me.  When I am able to experience this amazing song being played live, with Marco and Enzo honouring Willie Dixon and Howlin Wolf in such a fantastic way it lifts my spirit for the rest of the week.

Definitely, nobody was tired for sure not “So Tired” as the next song says in this warm and cosy place. The best to me is Marcos guitar playing here and I always have the strange thought of him adding another line of lyrics to it, just by talking to you with his playing. The only thing you have to do to get a glimpse is to listen.

For the next two songs, we had the great pleasure to have the special guest Tommy Hare on stage. Together they played two songs and one of them was “Gangster of Love” by  Johnny Guitar Watson. The other one was “Roll Over Beethoven”  from Chuck Berry and it was as if we are being watched whether we were really rocking and dancing the night away. I love live music! And it is not the very big venues I like the most, it’s the small clubs, pubs and unique live music venues, like Sixty Sixty Sounds, were you have the band right in front of you with the chance to say in the end “Hey.. that was fantastic! Thank You” to them and not being stopped by an awkward security what you’re up to. The last song of the evening was Prince “Kiss” and they were playing it in such a grooving way that my fellow audience colleagues were about to continue to dance away the fact that the gig was soon to be over.


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Shortly after the lights went up and you could still feel the good vibes of the music among the people who were chatting and smiling to leave and crawl into their dreamy blankets. But the good news is that there is (usually) always another gig coming up within the next one or maximum 2 months. You can see them live in London again at Sixty Sixty Sounds on 19th October! And the good news is you don’t have to sell your soul to get the tickets.

Cinelli Brothers at Sixty Sixty Play Blues with Giles Robson


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