Buck and Evans Heating up The Kitchen in Hoxton

Buck and Evans Heating up The Kitchen in Hoxton

If you didn’t know it yet… Wales rocks!! With incredible talented voices and sounds. I had the pleasure to see the brilliant Buck & Evans at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. I’ve never been there and as I came in the speakers of the restaurant were blasting some tunes as loud as you can think. The restaurant was packed but a few Buck & Evans fans were there already. This changed quickly and soon the venue with its black curtains around was packed to the last spot a sold-out show to remember.

They didn’t start by beating it out to blew the hats of immediately. Sally Ann, Chris, Dominic and Bob started it slow with Chris grabbing his acoustic guitar. The opening of the evening was then with a sublime little set of songs including Slow Train and Going Home. The short acoustic set left plenty of time for everyone up to rock the night right to the end.

The live music took you on a journey of the intense guitar playing from Chris Buck and the spine chilling voice of Sally Anne Evans that runs down your back like ice cream.  What a set the songs flowed, Going Home will definitely stays in my mind for a longtime. Don’t stop dreaming you’re on the road and you believe it. That’s exactly what is left after I went and who does not feels sometimes like on a winding road while trying to catch his dream or only the next lift of gig. And that’s exactly what they did, they lift of and took all of us who were there with them on the road from one place to the next with their songs. They had to tell some funny stories from the road as well which was an entertaining delight. If you think life is all the same – travelling by tube or car to work with routine and then home and the same thing tomorrow again, go a gig when Buck and Evans are playing in your area and you will have something to cling on for the rest of the week at least. For me, music is another vital supplement that I need for life and you can boost it with a good live show.

I haven’t seen Buck & Evans for at least two years and I was definitely in need for a big boost of my music-vitamin. This brings me to my favourite songs of this night. Nothing seems “impossible” when you listen to the interaction of the band in this song. I don’t know whether I got hooked by the beat of drum and bass or the voice and guitar interaction. I guess it’s this all together cooked up that leaves your stomach feel like after a good glass of Bordeaux. Run Cold, one step up – one step down was for sure one of the highlights which remain with me forever. I love this song and when Sally Ann screams out “fire” with this voice like a hurricane that just hit you, it is as if the sun comes suddenly up in this black room with the black curtains in the back, including Chris supporting guitar that kicks it up as well and with bass and drums together creates a force which you feel in every hair-tip. This is building up an atmosphere that lets people stand and listen and nothing else, often with the jar on the floor, stunned.

Buck and Evans are not without any reason described as “unquestionably major talents”. What I like most on going to gigs like this is watching my fellow concert-goers who are with me, how they react to the music they get to here. Mostly you see other fans who know every line of a song and they surely know why they are there. But sometimes you are lucky when you have a band which is playing so harmoniously together like Buck and Evans, giving each player the freedom to create the magic onstage that bonds band and audience together like Chris, standing almost at the edge of the stage, spreading out the notes which bonds every single one in the audience to him, listening. No looking at the mobile phone, no paying the drink at the bar, no talking with your fellow neighbour. It is this kind of magic that I really love when going to a concert. And they are definitely one of the bands which you can be guaranteed will create this magic.

Everyone knows that the music business is not like having a day out in the park with bright sunshine. Usually, nobody gets anything for free in life.  You have to work really hard to get what you want and sometimes it just won’t happen occasionally you can claim the stars or fate intervenes choose what you like. But if you have people around you that like what you do, things are getting more easy. Maybe because you realise you’re not alone or just that your dream CAN happen and sometimes WILL happen. You can get many things when you support others. … private gig’s or even a guitar! This was possible when you supported Buck & Evans in their pledge to record their debut album. Little Jessica was surprised by Chris giving her his guitar and she had a big bright smile on her face and didn’t let anyone take the precious instrument away from her. Marc and Nicola paid for the guitar to support Chris, Sally Ann, Dominic and Bob in their pledge to record the debut album. She kept it to her heart the rest of the show. As music lovers, we all can support with very little things that work as well … Go to gigs when they are in town, get the album and get at least two T-shirts, you can wear the second one when the first one is in the wash.

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