Broken Witt Rebels Never the Castaways on the REEF

Broken Witt Rebels Never the Castaways on the REEF

Tonight the growing crowd at The Tramshed enthusiastically welcomed Broken Witt Rebels back in Wales tonight.  As special guests of the headline band REEF, they had one task in hand to entertain, engage and warm to the atmosphere. They did this by being not hot but incendiary. The rebels hit the ground running with a real punchy number, not an old favourite but a new song Money. Vocalist Danny Core was for this number the tambourine wielding conductor of the band and we were captivated. Danny is the leader of the rebels, but there is nothing broken about the rebels. The musicians that surround Danny’s searing vocals are a tight-knit gang of musical brothers, connected by the collective belief in their sound.  The rhythm section is full of deep tones and pounding beats from drummer James Dudley and bassist Luke Davis. Lead guitarist James Tranter is not just rooted in Southern Rock and Americana, but so much more with a contemporary twist that makes any venue pop with excitement as fans a delighted in the tones and textures.  The sounds from the opening set were energised, hot and full of songs that are associated by the band and loved by fans including Howlin’; Low, Guns and Snake Eyes. They just keep on giving more and getting better with every performance.   Nothing was going to make the rebels miss a beat, not even a strap failure second number in, James T carried on playing with the strap dangling until a replacement guitar arrived and the music played on. The lights turned the hottest hue for Low, red as the devils hideaway the music was combustible with Danny and the band in total control. Their stage presence was electrifying. A great performance from a stunning young band, no one was shortchanged while they waited for the main event REEF tonight.

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Once again REEF played the Tramshed, once again to a packed house baying to hear the music they love to hear live and new tracks from Revelation. The tour celebrating the release of their first album for eighteen years, Revolution. The set list unsurprisingly had half-a-dozen numbers from the twelve track album threaded throughout the superlative and distinctive music displayed tonight.

Opening with Just Feel Love from the new album we were delighted to hear the music with the added edge of being played live under the spotlights.  This is a band that will always excite the audience with vocalist Gary quickly stepping of the stage stretching over photographers in the pit to connect to the audience whose faces were filled with the unharnessed raw joy of seeing the band they love play music that connects up live and getting personal. The excitement was now at fever pitch two tracks in.

REEF’s loyal following spans the two incarnations of the band from Glastonbury.  REEF’s stage presence and exciting music that generates an explosive atmosphere with their rock that transcends the genre, it is a sound accessible to all and always has an indie feel.  Whilst we all wanted to hear the new music live the crowd was as joyful to hear songs from Replenish, Glow, Rides and more.  Jack Bessant is no static bass player stage at the edge of the stage, Jack is full of energy as he acts as a conduit for the melodies through the deep bass rhythms with a toss of his mane of hair. His interaction with the powerful drumming from Guillaume Charreau was enthralling and the lead guitarist Jesse threaded exciting guitar breaks and riffs developing and giving the melody meaning.  The son of Ronnie Wood has now truly bedded in to the REEF sound with delicious riffs and stinging manipulation of the six strings. This was the perfect platform for Gary to deliver the lyrics and add in the layer of tambourine on Naked and other tracks. Tonight with keys from Andrew Wallace added to the quartet the sound was full of evocative textures and tones that define REEF and ensures the loyalty of fans.

The songs flowed we all heard favourites, including Yer Old, before the band left the stage to rapturous cheers and whoops as they demanded more. You are never old when you can hear live music of this quality played on a stage near you.

Closing out the encore in a hot, delighted and deliriously invigorated Tramshed with Stay With Me and one thing for certain REEF fans are not going anywhere they are staying loyal to Garry, Jesse, Jack and Dominic.

REEF are certain from the warm display of unadulterated, untamed joy at hearing their music played live will be welcomed back in Cardiff anytime – that is not a Revelation but a certainty.

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Broken Witt Rebels Setlist
Bottom of The Hill
Loose change
Snake Eyes
Getaway Man
Shake Me Down

Broken Witt Rebels Members
Danny Core – Vocals & Rhythm guitar;
Luke Davis – Vocals & Bass;
James Tranter – Vocals & Lead Guitar;
James Dudley – Drums & Percussion

REEF setlist
Just Feel Love
Stone For Your Love
New Bird
How I Got Over
I Would Have Left You
Lone Rider
I’ve Got Something To Say
Ball and Chain
Place In Your Hands
Don’t You Like It
Precious Metal
Summers In Bloom
Yer Old

My Sweet Love
Come Back Brighter
Stay With Me

REEF Band Members
Gary Stringer – Vocals
Jesse Wood – Guitar
Jack Bessant – Bass
Guillaume Charreau – Drums

Tour Continues one, not to be missed:- Tickets Available HERE

9 November, Leamington, Leamington Assembly
10 November, Chester, The Live Rooms
15 November, Cambridge, Cambridge Junction
16 November, York, Fibbers: Live Music Venue
17 November, Carlisle, The Brickyard
22 November, Southend, Chinnerys Southend
23 November, Margate Ballroom, Dreamland Margate
24 November, Exeter, The Lemon Grove
29 November, London, Nells Jazz & Blues
30 November, London, Nells Jazz & Blues
1 December, London, Nells Jazz & Blues
6 December, Manchester, Manchester Academy
7 December Sheffield Foundry, Sheffield Students’ Union
8 December, Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
13 December, Bilston, Robin2
14 December, Southampton, Engine Rooms
15 December, Oxford, O2 Academy

Broken Witt Rebels Never the Castaways on the REEF

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  1. Great review.. however Dominic Greensmith is no longer the drummer in Reef… he left in the summer.. the “powerful and enthralling drumming” was in fact provided by the incredible drummer Guillaume Charreau… has been with the band since the summer… can you please amend your review and give him the credit he truly deserves

    • Thanks for the spot – very embarrassing as I knew the drummer had changed 🙂 Once again thank you for reading the review and commenting will correct now. Liz

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