Bad Touch Shake A Leg Rocking The Flowerpot Derby

Tonight the power of youthful rock was unleashed at The Flowerpot, Derby. This popular and superb gigging venue had a crowd queuing with eager anticipation and growing excitement waiting for the doors to open. This is the sixth stage of the Shake A Leg Tour, celebrating the release of Bad Touch’s album Shake A Leg.  The bands have travelled from Newcastle, through Scotland down to Manchester and tonight they entertain Derby.

The venue was filling up nicely when heavy rockers Daxx and Roxane hit the stage, the band originate from Switzerland and are now based in London.  The short set was full of hard-hitting riffs and very entertaining. With numbers from their 2017 album Ticket To Rock. They certainly lived up to the title they warmed up the atmosphere as they shared whiskey with a lucky few of the audience who were upfront and close to a band that many were hearing fro the first time.  They were certainly energetic and the raw sound powered by testosterone that oozed with intent from the stage was the perfect opener for tonight’s celebration of youth, rock and Shake Your Leg.

It was a foregone conclusion that the stage would be too small for the dancing acrobatic wonder that is Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics. The sound changed Rock has a myriad of dimensions and many are being crossed tonight. A more sophisticated sound from the band whose latest album is dedicated to The Man With Stars on His Knees. Aaron upfront with vocals that crank up the emotions of the lyric is surrounded by musicians that play with harmonious ease with a punk fuelled soulful rocking delivery.  Opening with Left Me For Dead, we are straight into the album and the feel of the sound they produce, full of warm textures and tones that holds the interest of your ears and eyes! A perfect combination for live music.   The music flowed the temperature was rising and the Flowerpot was full, as during  The Devil Needs You Aaron left his microphone to pick up a pair of sticks taking up the role of the second percussionist on the second set of drums. Expect the unexpected that is what makes live music electrifying! Followed quickly by Fire In Fields of Mayhem a more melodic number showing the variation in tone and approach not seen in the opening act. The two guitars were used to emphasise the deep rhythms of this melodic rock number.  An energetic and theatrical performance which the crowd absolutely loved. It was very entertaining on a number of levels including some hectic crowd surfing across and around the venue by Aaron on I Am Electric what a trio of numbers.  The set closed with Morals and we had before this some wonderful medleys of hits including Paranoid, My Sharona, Trooper and Can’t Stand Losing You as the varied rock was explored of Sabbath. Knack, Maiden and final to call order Police. This is how to showcase your skills and dexterity a varied interesting homage to the music that has and continues to shape rock of today.


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Time to draw breath catch up with friends and chat about the bands we have heard and the anticipation of hearing the new songs from Bad Touch live and gigs that will brighten our winter. The headline act we were ready to Shake A Leg with Bad Touch. There is no doubt this is the band that should be sponsored by Shampoo, there is just so much hair flowing on stage!

Opening with intent as they laid down the southern inspired rock that has become their trademark with Show Me What It Means, the first of many tracks from their current album. Throughout the set, it showed that the album worked perfectly live, as the sound cascaded across the venue, sometimes in your face with numbers as the powerful Hammer Falls to the melodic soulful thoughtful ballad of Believe In Me. Stevie Westwood up front will never go unnoticed but when he sings it takes the band to another level. His vocals and the wonderful power chords of the rhythm section are quite spectacular. Then add into the mix the mesmerising guitar licks and riffs.

In Truth Be Told this is a band building on the energy their debut album set down and into the mix of tracks they have recorded they slipped in ZZ Top’s Sharp Dressed Man seamlessly. It was not a cover announced but a reimaging of the track that was an intermission before they stepped back onto the musical escalator of their own music. Stevie may be up front but without his quartet of musicians, he would be a singer with lots of curls and a spectacular moustache and vocals. This is a band that is a harmonious mix, there is no clash of egos on stage they all deliver the layers of sound that are greater than the sum of the individuals.

It is the winning combination of Michael Bailey and George Drewry who are the bedrock of the band on bass and drums. Add into the deep rhythms the wonderful guitar playing of Daniel Seekings and his Les Paul.  The threesome creates tones that engage with the lyrics, vocals and the superlative playing of his Gibson by Rob Glendinning. Yes, they had new music they wanted us to hear with the added frisson of the live sound but old favourites were not drowned out and the cowboy song thankfully remains in the setlist as Outlaw soared out across the audience to loud cheers, it is definitely a crowd favourite.  Closing out with an early number Down demonstrated their early influences with an interlude of Marshall Tucker’s  Can’t You See mixed in. A quite brilliant set from a very talented and personable young band.  They like to have fun, they want you to have fun, engaging with the audience as George wore the huge glasses offered by a fan and demanded the blue egg-shaped shaker. They want everyone to party and soak up the music.

There was more to come with two more numbers closing out with the perfect encore number 99%!! Tonight they gave 100% in passion, energy and the joy of playing rock n’ roll and making live music the perfect backdrop of having a good time.

Bad Touch in Bluesdoodles view is probably one of the best of the latest crop of rock bands with their second headline tour proving this is a band with staying power that excites and engages the audience every time they play.  The quintet tonight were collectively on fire tonight delivered good time rock that flowed with energy and as we celebrated our legs were energised by Bad Touch and Shake A Leg.


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Bad Touch Set List
Show Me What It Means
Lift Your Head Up
Movin’ On Up
Good On Me / Sharp Dressed Man
Hammer falls
Take Your Time
My Moter Told Me
Skyman / Still Of The Night
Believe In Me

Dressed To Kill


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