Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo



Bluesdoodles was delighted to spend time chatting with Dan Patlansky as he took a breather from his South African Tour launching his forthcoming album Introvertigo out 6th May 2016.

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

BD: Hi Dan hope you are well

DP: Yes all good busy with shows in South Africa as part of Introvertigo release

BD: Sounds good and links in with the double Dan delights I want to chat about with your New Album and UK Tour.

BD: Tell our readers about the inspiration of the album and interesting title.
DP: Introvertigo found the word one-day surfing web stumbled across the phrase and it made sense experience that a million times. Being introvert by nature certain people seem to suck the life out of you. Fantastic title concept is not being an introvert, it is life through eyes of an introvert  or the memoirs of an introvert. Stuff that is important to me. Plus it is quite an intriguing title.
Urban Dictionary definition – Introvertigo: “The dizziness and disorientation felt by an introvert after spending more than 5 minutes with an extrovert”.

BD: No title track as such do you see Run as the validating track of the theme Introvertigo?
DP: Though I have had title tracks in previous albums including Dear Silence Thieves never felt had to have a title track to create and album. Introvertigo is a concept running through the album rather than a song on an album. Run is a song reflecting the modern mentality of intelligent people in large groups who stop thinking a pet peeve of mine. Reflects current actions of South Africans studying at Universities, there are tons of riots. They have become a constant intelligent people burning bins throwing and destroying things including facilities where they are learning at.

BD: With two hit singles that received airplay which tracks do you see as single material on Introvertigo
DP: No I really never know what track to pick. The whole process is time-consuming first the writing process, then arranging, recording and mixing the tracks. By the time finished heard and played songs a million and one times and they merge so still figuring that one out! No one or two stand out for me there is a flow through the album. Introvertigo is not a whole bunch of songs collected together they flowed 1 through 10 this makes sense of having ten tracks. Vinyl albums were often ten tracks, those classics you return to. The tracks say what I wanted to achieve on the album.

BD: The guitar playing is always strong and continues to be on this latest offering I hear hints of SRV on Still Wanna Be Your Man – how did touring in 2015 with Joe Satriani influence your manipulation of the 6 strings.
DP: Stevie Ray Vaughan is my biggest influence I have listen so extensively to his music from a young age his sound does come through on certain songs. It is mix of tonal and phrasing of the guitar on some songs. I am always thrilled that I can nail a little SRV.
Satriani Tour was an incredible experience Joe is an inspirational musician it was surreal to be hanging out with him last year as we toured Europe and UK. He was consistently good every night never a slightly bleak night. His mind is in control of his own headspace he has truly mastered that, and I learnt a lot from his approach. Plus Joe is a fantastic human being nicest guy made us feel at home on the road. BD:  Of Course you made new fans in Cardiff when opening for Joe Satriani
DP: Looking forward to being back in Cardiff, the city treated us well St David’s Hall awesome venue. BD: The Globe is different a gigging venue. Yes, different style of hall played them all and be good Headlining at The Globe. Looking forward to time in the city.

BD: The vocals and lyrics are stronger than ever on Introvertigo is this due to the personal influences on the 10 tracks?
DP: Thanks for that. I grew up playing the guitar and started to sing when I couldn’t find a singer as a teen for a band playing the blues. So sung by default rather than pleasure. The singing was never a pleasure but a means of getting to the next guitar solo… I sung because I had to. Now I enjoy singing more enjoy the power of singing so have spent more time and given more thought and concentration to the lyrics. Spent lots time on the vocals so I do the best job I can the result vocals get stronger. This is a personal album as with the tracks reflecting my thoughts. Sonnava Faith is not about religion/people’s faith beliefs, it is the misuse of power another personal annoyance and so very wrong. Album leaves with fun and I hope a very true reflection of the inspiration my daughter. Real Truth is the concept of Introvertigo. Years ago wrote and sung cliché blues whiskey and the women, this was right for the past and was those bluesmen’s life experiences they lived that life. Mine is different this was not the way I have grown up and experience life. So now writing from own experiences. The track Bet On Me with line Blues Police is a realisation that blues like all things evolves and changes and needs to reflect today’s realities.

BD: Do you have a favourite/ special track on the album? And why?
DP: Still Wanna Be Your Man the subject balancing touring and family, the feeling of insecurity of this type of life is close to my heart. I am also a sucker for slow minor blues, for me it expresses my most natural guitar playing and singing it feels like my natural home base. BD: Well that seems to be the single sorted.

BD: Back on UK Tour with King King and then headlining with lots of new towns and cities to find new fans. For those who have not seen you before what can they expect from one of your shows? How does live sound differ from Studio? Looking forward to your visit to Wales’ capital city Cardiff.
DP: New experiences visiting new places starting off with King King who are a great bunch of guys. Our sounds are different enough so there will be a full spectrum of Rock Blues on show when opening for King King. Excited about having the opportunity to do a full show. We can play a lot more songs and play for longer. I have started touring Introvertigo in South Africa. It is working really well live normally more challenges than Introvertigo thinking about how to translate an album into the live arena. Important sounds cool on the album and will be playing all 10 tracks live. They all sound fantastic live sometimes studio tracks just do not work on a stage no such problem with Introvertigo. Yes live they have a rawer edge, with some parts extended others shortened to make sense of the sound on a stage but this is definitely the easiest and most natural transition from studio to live.

BD: How do you keep your enthusiasm and the music fresh when on tour and away from Home
DP: It is a challenge, strange places and playing same music whilst touring. For me it is finding inspiration in music. Listening to You Tube finding new bands, re-discovering others when someone inspires you so that you just can’t wait to play. Finding inspiration is the key, with modern technology and easy access to music there is no excuse not to be able find inspiration.

BD: Normally I ask for your band but did that last time so this time I am interested in albums that have influenced/ delighted you as a musician.
DP: Changes weekly – right now..
Always big Pink Floyd fan and in a Wish You Were Here phase
Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie looking forward to their new album
And Steve Wilson New album Hands Can Not Erase might not be every song but those connect just say lots to me. Found his music after meeting him at Classic Rock Music Awards in 2015.

BD: Thank you for your time. Will catch you live with Introvertigo in May and June

DP: Always a pleasure to chat with you Liz see you at a show.

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