Nothing But Wild Talking To Timmy of The New Roses

BD: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule with the launch of your forthcoming album your follow-up studio album – Nothing But Wild out on Friday 2nd August 2019.  I expect you are busy right now? TR: Yes, we are. We are on the finish line everything is going crazy BD: Better than being ignored TR: Laughing Yes that is true, been there done that…

BD: Before we talk about the new album Nothing But Wild let us go back to the beginning. Who were your musical influences when you were growing up in Germany? TR: Apart from everyone’s prime influences which are very, very colourful goes from everything like ABBA up to Ray Charles to Slayer to Bon Jovi, KISS whatever it is to cut to the chance the thing is that the band shares a very deep love of Aerosmith, Black Crowes, AC/DC, Metallica and Bruce Springsteen I would say and the combination of all that brings the biggest part of our musical style.

BD: Since the release of your last album, One More For The Road, you have been busy on the road gathering a new following throughout 2018, writing and recording the album. With your new album what are your plans for the rest of 2019 are you back on the road? TR: Yes, for we start off we are kicking off the new record on 2nd August and at the legendary Wachen Open Air, the biggest festival in Europe and everyone agrees one of the best festivals in the world. So this is our debut at this festival so we decided to release the record there. From then on everything will be focused on playing live we will be in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, UK, Spain, playing the USA we have just played Russia so everything pretty much from the day of the release is focused on playing live.

When are you planning to come back to the UK? TR: Yes, we are planning to play the U.K. We were about to plan the UK tour then we found out that our new single ‘Down By The River’ is now been played on UK radio, Planet Rock which is very cool and powerful tool for us and that is why we have to reconsider our whole strategy and that is why there is only one show fixed at the moment and everything else we have to plan from scratch, the game changes when you are on the radio.  We release a new single on first August, from the new album and we hope it is received as well as Down by the River has been as has been played for four weeks on Planet Rock which is very cool. The New single is Glory Road, the last track before the bonus tracks.

BD: Having opened for some amazing Rock bands what tour had that special element a bucket list moment for you and the band? TR: Definitely would say playing open-air in Munich opening for Kiss, in front 15,000 people and perfect weather, perfect light. Everything was like magical, it is a very ancient spot at the Königsplatz, Munich, Germany, very old German buildings in a square, we are in that square packed with 15,000 people, two towers right in front of us, and in between the sun was perfectly shining on the stage so everything was perfect a big magic moment. Definitely has that spot on the Bucket List. We had always wanted to play with Kiss, we had always wanted to play that spot and everybody wants to play in front of 15,000 people everything happening at the same time was very cool.  Doc McGhee, Kiss Manager, and music legend worked so many Mötley Crüe, Scorpions, Bon Jovi you name it. He had watched our show several times on the tour he was the one who asked us out after seeing us on the KISS Cruise it was a big honour for us that someone with this legendary status calls you because in his opinion that you are worth it. That was a very, very cool thing for us as well.

BD: The first single, Down By The River has been out on streaming platforms, Planet Rock etc. An amazing full-on track that zings with the energy of Summer – what made this the track of choice to promote the album? TR: Think there are two reasons for that the energy for the song has such a positive vibe we thought it gave the right first impression for the record. The whole record is positive, energetic and motivating. Its type of style, we always open our show with a good vibe song we never start of with, hardcore, or depressing song or a ballad, we always start with a dance song to get people in the right mood and this is what we wanted to do with the record as well. The second reason is we all agreed this song kind of mirrors our teenage days, though we didn’t know each other at the time we grew up along the same river and made the same experience with girls, with drinking, with smoking. We kind of did the same things without knowing each other so that song represents all of us at the same time even though we didn’t know each other. That was a cool thing for us that brings us even closer together, that is why we decided to release as a single and we knew that is was the best summer song on the record.

Pre-order “Nothing But Wild” here: Out August 2nd

BD: Following on from the positivity of the first single the album has an exuberance, it is full of confidence, and does this reflect the amount of touring and playing live by the band over the last eighteen months? TR: That is a good question, maybe subconsciously I can agree but I think another reason could be that we focused in the songwriting like 100% we didn’t spend as much time in the studio we took a lot of that time to put it into the song and we didn’t spend much time mixing or mastering the record because we spent every single day we had on making the writing of the songs right, making the right arrangements so we get the songs compact and explicit that the confidence is then transported through the song . So I would say leaving stuff out that is not 100% necessary makes it sound more confident. I would agree on that.

BD: Do You have a favourite track on the album? TR: I always have different like genres of favourites, best lyrics, best melodies, best performance, bests sounds and stuff like that but all in all I would say Glory Road is maybe the song represents the band it has the different styles the band plays it has rough edges also Country influences, it has little deeper lyrics than our party songs but it still has a very connective element for the audience. So I would say Glory Road is my favourite song on this record.

Second Single from New Roses Album – Nothing But Wild Out 2nd August 2019

BD: The album has the stamp of New Roses authority, where did you record the album and who was involved in the Production of Nothing But Wild? TR: We recorded the record at the same spot we recorded every record that we have done so far, so we went back to The Bazement Studios, with Markus Teske on mixing, for the first time we had external help which was Uwe Sabirowsky who has produced and worked with artists like Beatsteaks or Thump. We had known him for a long time but this is the first time we actually worked with him. It was very important for us like I said to make the songs as compact and explicit as possible, and having an external view on the songs was a big help as there was no emotional ballast.  He just said that isn’t really necessary you can scratch that part out and said ‘Oh no that is my favourite line…’ and stuff like that. So he had a distance that was possible to really have the right view on the songs. He encouraged me to play all the songs in lower keys so I would have to shout that much. That was a big change for me as I had always thought that aggressive height is one element of the band. He encouraged me, saying no the songs do the trick on their own. You don’t need any card trick or magic trick to distract from weak songwriting. The songs are strong enough to stand on their own and you can relax and just sing them that is a big change for us you can hear that and maybe that has something to do with that confidence topic as well. This record we actually thought about the audience desire from us and buying a present for your best friend.  It has a bit less ‘fuck you’ attitude, not in a commercial way we want to be famous but you have a best friend and you want to buy a really good present and this is the record for that.

BD: Timmy, are you the songwriter or are the whole band involved in the lyrics and rock n’ roll melodic vibe? TR:  I write the songs and then I show them to the guys and we work them out together. We tried writing together in the early days of the band everybody tried to write but it always turned out a really tough time for everybody. So we realised that the best way, that works for us is if I write the songs then we all talk about them, pick the songs together there is no like boss thing. We all work them out together but the spark that lights the fire comes from me.

BD: Final question, a new one for 2019. You are told that you can only save three albums from your collection what would they be?


Rock n’ Soul – Solomon Burke

Shake Your Money Maker – The Black Crows

Live at Donington – AC/DC

I could get along for a long time with these three records, though if you ask me in a different time maybe different albums.


Nothing But Wild Talking To Timmy of The New Roses

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