Music falling like leaves in as Autumn Beckons September

Music falling like leaves in as Autumn Beckons September

Music falling like leaves in as Autumn Beckons September what a wonderful month of music talking, listening and seeing live shows. Is the gig of the year lurking here?

On the 11th Bluesdoodles Advent post we step back into September

Recorded Music delighted once Again

Matt Westin delivers a Countryish Legacy

Kathy and the Kilowatts generate a Premonition of Love

FreeWorld say how it is on What It Is

Dennis Jones Band sing We3 Kings Live

Joe Bonamassa Seeking Redemption in the Blues

Travis Bowlin on New Album puts Secundus First

Ben Poole Cleans Dirty Laundry On Anytime You Need Me

The Betterdays get recognition at last with Backlash

Reuben Augustine uses the Blues to Let It Heal

True Rocker declares Monster Truck’s New Album

Jonny Fink and The Intrusions fly on JFI

Sari Schorr Never Say Never is a tour deforce

Broken Levee and Lindsay Hannon illuminate on Last Light

Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer predict the Apocalipstick

25 Studio Albums Uriah Heep are Living The Dream

Those Damn Crows Deliver Murder and The Motive

Breezy Rodio proves that Sometimes the Blues Got Me

Tim Woods has a plea for the Human Race

Bloo Fooz Blues creates a Cosmic Whirlwind

The Red Goes Black on Fire with French Blues Rock

No Bad Decisions included on latest Album from Clutch

Johnny Tucker has the Seven Day Blues

Frank Bey is definitely Back in Business

Saving Grace Blended Music from Scott Sharrad

Live Music Pure September Delights

Devon Allman Project Conquers The Fleece Bristol

All five Bands Rose To The Challenge in Worthing

Kris Barras is Divine and Dirty at The Tunnels Bristol

Crows Charm Flowers all delighted music Fans tonight – The Bad Flowers, Federal Charm and Those Damn Crows

Debut HRH CROWS Achieves a Sunday that Crows Music

Sari Schorr Never Say Never as The Show goes on

Buck and Evans Heating Up The Kitchen in Hoxton

Bluesdoodles in Conversation

UK Blues  2018  Challenger Carl North & The Lonely  Hearts

Talking about Journeys The Heart of The Blues Album – In conversation with Giles Robson, Joe Louis Walker and Bruce  Katz

UK Blues is Up for the Challenge with Five  Fantastic Contestants in Conversation

Ben Poole in Conversation says Anytime You Need Me

Gorilla Riot in Conversation after HRH C.R.O.W.S opening set

 Monster Interview with Trucker Jeremy Widerman

Never Say Never as we talk to Sari Schorr

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