Katie Bradley talking about C’est la vie and more

Katie Bradley talking about C’est la vie and more

Katie Bradley talking about C’est la vie and more


BD: Afternoon Katie, great to catch up with you and have a chance to talk about the forthcoming album and projects you are keeping you busy.

KB: Having a good time, keeping busy with projects and tours that keep rolling in.  So lots of variation in my approach to the Blues. I have been involved with Matt Long recording new material and I have a single out with a dance/electronic duo Jettricks – it is available via i-tunes and limited edition vinyl via my website.

BD: Tell us about the crowdfunding project with Indiegogo for your new album C’est la vie and choosing Indiegogo.

KB: I have invested a lot of time and money getting my exciting new project to this stage. Now on post production stage, feel it is going well people are being very generous. Crowd funding nearly reached half way and with eighteen days to raise the rest. The great thing about Indiegogo is that after paying a fee even if the full amount is not achieved I do still receive the money that has been raised by the end of the fundraising period. A good way of investing in an artist and getting something tangible in return

This is what your money is going towards

What We Need & What You Get

I have already invested what I can to the album to this point, so now we need your additional help to complete the process ready for release. In effect you are receiving the album in advance as a pre-order, with great bonuses and unique gifts available to this campaign as ‘perks’. Thank you for contributing and contributing to this venture, making it happen for us – not mentioning ordering a great present or a gift for yourself!

We are aiming to raise £3000 to cover:

  • Final studio session with special guests
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Artwork
  • CD production

 Katie Bradley talking about C’est la vie and more

C’est La Vie Indiegogo Crowdfunding HERE

BD: So the album title is C’est la vie; has the blues got a French feel?

KB: No it hasn’t I just like the French take on life, very philosophical and I think that is true of the blues as well. Whatever hardships you come across you have to get on with it “such is life” so thought it was the perfect phrase. The title song has a line “C’est la vie comme ci comme ça that is the way we are baby”. Yes, to do with the philosophical edge of the French.

It has been exciting working on ‘C’est la vie’ with one of the UK’s most exciting and inventive guitarists, Chris Corcoran. Chris is an incredible artist who has been featured in Guitarist Magazine, and is internationally noted for his innovation and authenticity as a composer and musician. I have known Chris for over twenty years, only worked together closely for the last  three years playing on the London circuit, the live scene We have been talking about making an album over the three years but between us we have just been too busy. Chris has been playing over one-hundred & Eighty gigs a year. We didn’t want to do a covers album, didn’t see the point. So he came with some grooves with Jamie Lawrence on Bass and I wrote the words. Quite a few of the songs are quite personal feel that it is quite a magical feel on the album personally. On drums is Mike Thorne who has played with all sorts of people. They are all part of the London scene. There are really authentic Chicago 1950’s flavours but really inventive as well reflecting the diverse catalogue of the musicians creating a lovely mix. I had to get Paul Jobson involved on keys, Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organs and Grand Piano, he just sat there and played it plus he is doing some backing vocals with me a continuity from my first album She’s Ready.  Also joining us is percussionist Paul Elliott who is in a duo with Jamie called Jettricks which is really cool and funky.

BD: With that mix is there a funky groove going on as well?

Yes there is, we have variety across the tracks with a gospel number which is heartfelt with a Staples Singers  influence, then there is Southern  Soul,  New Orleans, Memphis, Sun Studios influences and one of them is definite funky, 1970’s diva style. There is a whole mix of influences and everyone has added there take on them even a jazzy one song about having a muse. Chris Corcoran playing stands out it is just lovely, very melodic. The whole album draws on all of our passions for traditional Blues and Roots whilst continuing the traditions through experiences and bringing them to you bound by infectious grooves and melodies

BD: Where was the album recorded?

KB: The album is being recorded at the brilliant Rimshot Studios in Kent, renowned for award winning records and recording artist’s and so we are in the best possible hands with Mike Thorne behind the desk as well as on the drums. The studio is perfection as it offers authentic microphones and expertly sourced recording equipment, ensuring techniques that are reminiscent of the old recording companies such as Stax and Chess.

BD: Is the album self-released?

KB: Yes it is. The plan is to move it forward with an international release on a record label. The idea is to use the crowdfunding to have all the promotional material of a quality to get the album noticed and out there.

It is going to be released on CD, Had lots enquiries regarding vinyl so may bring out a single on vinyl. Vinyl is attracting young people. Whole new generation who are finding the blues through dance like a flash mob almost? as after a lesson in  Brixton & Islington  they dance to live music Would love to integrate this into festivals.

BD: Is there a release Date?

KB: End of January with a launch night in February. Check out the crowdfunding as one of the rewards is tickets for this event and you can be there at the launch of C’est la vie.

BD: With the album out early 2017 what other plans in the pipeline?

KB: Other things happening new website with shop. Some rather nice gigs including support to Popa Chubby at 100 Club in January and tour and festivals planned over Europe and the U.K. Keep in touch with Katie over at her Website HERE.


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