Get On The Boogie Train with Snowy White Interview

Clive, is a regular DJ delivering – Get On The Boogie Train every Saturday 8pm to 10pm on KeeP106

Snowy White started in a trio, was spotted by Scott Gorham, and invited to join Thin Lizzy. Also spent a short time with Floyd Toured worldwide with Roger Waters, but happier playing as a trio.
Wikipedia says: Terence Charles “Snowy” White[1] (born 3 March 1948, Barnstaple, Devon) is an English guitarist, known for having played with Thin Lizzy (permanent member from 1980 to 1982) and with Pink Floyd (as a backing guitarist; he was first invited to tour with the band through Europe and the United States in 1977, and during The Wall shows in 1980), and more recently, for Roger Waters‘ band.[1] He is also known for his 1983 solo offering “Bird of Paradise“, which became a UK Singles ChartTop 10 hit single.[2]

Listen to the whole Boogie Train Show or jump straight into the interview (with associated tracks) at 1hr 20 mins followed by 38 minutes of new unreleased tracks. These tracks will be released as an album in the meantime listen to his 2020 release Something On Me.

Get On The Boogie Train with Snowy White Interview

Snowy White and the White Flames – Something On Me (2020)

His latest offering, ‘Something On Me,’ due October 2020, features Thomas White on drums, Rowan Bassett on bass and appearances by various The White Flames members.

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