Bluesdoodles in Conversations Throughout 2018

Bluesdoodles Interviews – 2018

Bluesdoodles Interviews – 2018

Liz Aiken & Wes O’Neill love the opportunity to ask questions why? We love listening to the answers finding out the unexpected from artists about their latest album, being on tour and what influences from the past 2018 will be full of gems.

Announcing Bluesdoodles new page Bluesdoodles U.S.A. – read about Lori Graboyes our Blueswoman from the U.S.A. home of the blues

Timmy Rough from The New Roses talking about touring and more – Read conversation with Timmy Rough HERE

Teeny Tucker – Read what Lori talked about with Teeny HERE

 Daniel Seeking talking about Touring Shake A Leg and more… Read the Conversation HERE

Sari Schorr talks about Never Say Never – Read the Conversation HERE

 Gorilla Riot talking about music, albums and HRH C.R.O.W – Read the Conversation HERE

Ben Poole’s Washes his Dirty Laundry on his new album Anytime You Need Me – Read the Conversation HERE

Jeremy Winderman, Monster Truck in Conversation – Read the Conversation HERE

Jared James Nichols in Conversation, Black Magic on Tour and LA Guns – Read the Conversation HERE

Rich Robinson in conversation, Magpie Salute Tour, the release of High Water 1 Read the Conversation HERE

Karl Selickis – Bad Flowers in Conversation, Headling signature sticks and more Read the Conversation HERE

Interviews with the Five Challengers for UKBlues Federation 2018 Challenge –

In Conversation with Greg Coulson HERE

In Conversation with Tom C. Walker HERE

In Conversation with Catfish HERE

In Conversation with carl North & The Lonely Hearts HERE

In Conversation with Kyla Brox HERE

Jon Cleary in Conversation, about New Orleans, Dyna-mite and more Read The Conversation HERE

Paul Bowe, Federal Charm in Conversation new Album Passenger, on tour and new line-up – Read The Conversation HERE

Liz in Conversation with Loreena McKennitt, about Music, Lost Souls and the Right to be Analogue! – Read The Conversation HERE

Liz chatted with One-Man-Band wizard Steve Hill – Read the Conversation HERE

Liz chatted with drummer Luka van de Poel from Dutch band DeWolff discussing studios, music and new album Thrust Read the Conversation HERE

Wes interview Kris Barras. He talked about The Divine & Dirty, guitars, fighting and so much more. Read the chat HERE

Interview with Lance Lopez Thanks, Wes we now know that Lance been there done that and back for more – Find out the story HERE

Greg Koch talking about playing the guitars, influences and Toby Arrives talking in-depth to Wes O’Neill

Paul Bowe, Federal Charm talking about new band members, being back on the road new albums and the promise of exciting announcements throughout 2018. Read what we talked about HERE

Read what Danny Bryant had to say about touring with a Big Band, new album Revelation and more.

Read what Wes & Tommy Emmanuel chatted about – It is a very good READ

Tom Leighton, vocalist and guitarist from The Bad Flowers chatting with Liz – The Starting Gun is fired to launch the band into the rock stratosphere read what we talked about HERE.

Laurence Jones speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to Wes O’Neill   – Read what talked about HERE 

Liz Aiken loves the opportunity to ask questions why? We love listening to the answers finding out the unexpected from artists about their latest album, being on tour and what influences from the past. 2019 promises to be full of gems.

2019 conversations coming soon – while we wait for new content check out the interviews from previous years

2018 Interview check Them Out HERE

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