As Summer days lengthens the music keeps delivering

As Summer days lengthens the music keeps delivering

As Summer days lengthens the music keeps delivering July, August and September delights keep the beat going strong live, recorded and in conversation

Recorded Music Highlights

Joe Bonamassa Seeking Redemption in the Blues

Ben Poole Cleans Dirty Laundry On Anytime You Need Me

True Rocker declares Monster Truck’s New Album 

Sari Schorr Never Say Never is a tour de force

Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer predict the Apocalipstick

25 Studio Albums Uriah Heep are Living The Dream

Those Damn Crows Deliver Murder and The Motive

No Bad Decisions included on latest Album from Clutch

Rainbreakers Go Face To Face On Debut Album

Sonia Leigh Delivers The Album With Friends  at Abbey Road London

Travel South Roman Street With Crow Black Chicken

Jon Cleary New Album Delivers  New Orleans Dyna-mite

Buddy Guy proves The Blues is Alive and Well

Live Music Brigs Its Own Special Magic

Devon Allman Project Conquers The Fleece Bristol

All five Bands Rose To The Challenge in Worthing

Kris Barras is Divine and Dirty at The Tunnels Bristol

Crows Charm Flowers all delighted music Fans tonight – The Bad Flowers, Federal Charm and Those Damn Crows

Old Bush Blues 2018 Sunshine and Blues Perfection

Steelhouse Powerhouse Once again reigning Music

Conversations flow with the glue that is Music

Talking about Journeys The Heart of The Blues Album – In conversation with Giles Robson, Joe Louis Walker and Bruce  Katz

UKBlues is Up for the Challenge with Five  Fantastic Contestants in Conversation

Ben Poole in Conversation says Anytime You Need Me

Monster Interview with Trucker Jeremy Widerman

Never Say Never as we talk to Sari Schorr

Karl Selickis Talking the Bad Flowers Beat

Rich Robinson Salutes the Magpie in Conversation

Jon Cleary talking about Dyna-mite, New Orleans Music and more

Paul Bowe Talks Excitedly about New Federal Charm and Passenger

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