9th December Knocking on on the Door for July Music

9th December Knocking on the Door for July Music

9th December Knocking on the Door for July Music with Steelhouse Festival a weekend of so many 2018 highlights fab albums & interviews!

Recorded Music Explored throughout July

Travel South Roman Street With Crow Black Chicken

Sonia Leigh Delivers The Album With Friends  at Abbey Road London

Blind Lemon Pledge adds polish to Evangeline

Hogjaw ponders the Southern Way Down Yonder

Larkham and Hall Exploring songs of Hurt and Healing

Chris Bevington Organisation music there is no need to Cut and Run

Jon Cleary New Album Delivers  New Orleans Dyna-mite

Greg Coulson asks and then shows you What’s New

Reverend Raven and His Alter Boys hold a candle to the blues

Buddy Guy proves The Blues is Alive and Well

Tim Ainslie and the Vibes see their  Pint Half Full

Tom Hambridge crosses Abbey Road creating The NOLA Sessions

Steve Howell and The Mighty Men bring blues history to life

Federal Charm in the driving seat on Passenger

Wily Bo Walker sees through Almost Transparent Blues

Waydown Wailers are at home on Backland Blues

Russ Green shows his Blues Harp City Soul

Rob Berry Doesn’t need to be Waitin’ on Good Luck

Jessie Galante dips into the Collection

Mike Vernon Mighty Combo venture Beyond The Blue Horizon

Live Music Reviews

Husky Tones Celebrating Live Music at Louisiana in Bristol

Steelhouse Powerhouse Once again reigning Music

Bluesdoodles in Conversation

Paul Bowe Talks Excitedly about New Federal Charm and Passenger

Jon Cleary talking about Dyna-mite, NewOrleans Music and more

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