Bluesdoodles Interviews – 2018

Liz Aiken & Wes O’Neill love the opportunity to ask questions why? We love listening to the answers finding out the unexpected from artists about their latest album, being on tour and what influences from the past 2018 will be full of gems.


New Album New style The Truth still Laurence JonesLaurence Jones speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to Wes O’Neill

4 albums in, what do you do next? You look for something new and fresh, dig deep into your heart and see what comes out, to see what other sides there are to you. This is what Laurence Jones has done with his new album “The Truth”. Laurence continues to make a name for himself on the blues-rock circuit in the UK and Europe and his new album with its commercial feel but rocky edge will no doubt win him new fans further afield. Laurence took a few moments out from rehearsals and over a drink at an after-show party to chat as we were seeking honest answers… What was said here are the answers to the questions     – follow the Interview HERE 




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