Walk The Sky Alive With Alter Bridge

Walk The Sky Alive With Alter Bridge

Buying The EP Walk The Sky 2.0

Walk The Sky Alive With Alter Bridge

ALTER BRIDGE to Release Walk The Sky 2.0 EP Featuring New Song “Last Rites” Written During Covid-19 Lockdown Plus Six Live Tracks – In Stores November 6, 2020 via Napalm Records Pre-Order Here: https://smarturl.it/WalkTheSky2.0

Bundle configurations include:
Jewelcase CD (available worldwide),
Jewelcase CD + t-shirt (Napalm Records exclusive worldwide except North America)
Cream coloured Vinyl Gatefold LP (available worldwide), and a limited edition Inkspot Yellow/Black Marbled Vinyl Gatefold LP (Napalm Records Mailorder only). Plus more check it out – All versions of Walk The Sky 2.0 can be ordered here: https://smarturl.it/WalkTheSky2.0.

Opening with Last Rites a brand new number, the listener is immediately drenched in the sound that is Alter Bridge.  Suspended in a tank replete with driving rhythms, glorious licks and guitar riffs and the honeyed-vocals demanding your attention.  This is a COVID-19 song, conceived, recorded and released while the virus stalks our every move. Putting life on hold. Myles vocals demands us to listen to the lyrics ‘the futures is all but set in stone say goodbye to the only way of life you have known there’s no time to wallow in the undertones.’ This sing is a farewell to our old ‘normal ‘we have to shape our futures without any Last Rites. The beats are dark and add drama to the chorus, there are layers of sound. Relevant, reflective Last Rites never dips into a dystopian vibe. It is fantastic to be sharing new music created now. Alter Bridge do not do subdued they are not hiding their music present for  you in the safety of your own space with live versions of numbers from Walk The Sky that in all probability you  will not have heard live with stages falling silent.  Out of speakers, cheers from waiting crowds, a real audience! Then the sonic opening of Wouldn’t You Rather, Myles vocals and the aural acrobatics that shape the song and makes Alter Bridge Live stand tall above the crowd.

Cymbals, clouds, rhythms and Tremonti guitar swings into action the energy races through your reigns. The Tremonti & Kennedy dual for our attention building the energy in a typical Alter Bridge crowd pleaser, Pay No Mind. The music is immersing us taking us back to a different time.

Who could have imagined post-February 2020… The crowds would have cheered even louder if they had known our collective futures as the band loops in Native Son. A highlight from the album on stage it transcends the studio version. There is a gritty edge this is the pearl in the oyster. The grit is the destruction of habitat, a place to call home replaced by decay and loss. Tremonti’s guitar soars, Kenndy’s vocals have a melancholy there is a darker edge to this number that is intoxicating. This is high-octane rock that demands the crowds singing the chorus. Followed by Godspeed, this is a fresh number that is uplifting and even more poignant on the Walk The Sky 2.0. The title takes on a new meaning we wish you all well. ‘without you I will never be the same’ is a collective sigh as without live music the world is a bleaker place. Lyrics as ever are at the solid heart of Alter Bridges’ brand of rock, the bass lines are immense, the guitar playing epic but without the words and Myles’ vocal delivery the music would not be multi-faceted. Empathy would be absent.

Change of tone and speed with In The Deep, this has a flowing musicality the opening hints of  Satriani with the added power of the voice overarching the instrumentation. Even if at home we instinctively raise our hands when asked.

Closing out this vignette of the sounds of Alter Bridge we all wanted to hear is Dying Light. The beat has a dance like quality that glides. This is not music to jump to but sway in the grip of the three-four timing of a waltz. This is no Strauss it is pure Alter Bridge as we wade through the Dying Light as the year grinds on and old pleasure have become a distant memory that the live tracks have awkened.

Hearing the music live is bittersweet. It is wonderful to have that rawer authentic vibe of music being played directly for you. When front of stage live music keeps you in the moment. This is often lost in ‘Live – from‘ albums. Not here the vitality, urgency and the shaping of the very air around the stage to modulate in time with the music has been captured. That is the sweet now for the bitter after taste – how long will it be before stadium rock, music in front of large excited vocal audiences be allowed again.

Bluesdoodles rating: Wonderful, close your eyes imagine Alter Bridge on stage in front of you and escape into the rock that delight.

1. Last Rites
2. Wouldn’t You Rather
3. Pay No Mind (Live)
4. Native Son (Live)
5. Godspeed (Live)
6. In The Deep (Live)
7. Dying Light (Live)

Walk The Sky Alive With Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge are:
Myles Kennedy
Mark Tremonti 
Brian Marshall
Scott Phillips

Other Alter Bridge News

In other news, Alter Bridge have released a new single from their latest album, Walk The Sky, titled “Native Son.” The video – an animated short created completely using stop-animation techniques and incorporating origami to create a unique visual effect – starts by following a dark figure set in a prairie farmland setting. The viewer finds the character struggling to survive as that backdrop then morphs and gives way to industrialisation and a city overtaking the original landscape. The visuals echo the lyrical sentiment of: “I’m a native son in a foreign land. I’m just living in a world I can’t understand.”

The video for “Native Son” was created by Stefano Bertelli

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