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True Rocker declares Monster Truck’s New Album

Monster Truck are monstrously good live… can they distil that energy and showmanship into a studio album? True Rockers gives it a go, building on their previous breakthrough release Sittin’ Heavy … and you do feel the heat of music that rocks from the stage on every track.  Get out your toolbox, turn up the volume and rock out, stomping with the vibe they create.

Opening with the title track we are off on a rollicking trucking ride with rock that is unadulterated. Joining the Truck on the opening number is Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) who is a True Rocker. This three-minute song is a celebration of the power of rock, as they say, Let’s Go we are immersed into the supremacy of Monster Truck’s ability to weave a beating heart of the beat and tempo that defines the energy, pulse and joy of rock. We are off our heartbeat is raising and we are stomping out the rhythms with Monster Truck. I love the intoning as if from the pulpit in praise of being a True Rocker – raise your voice Rock N’ Roll will live forever it is in our souls… Now follow that what a dynamic opening number.

No time to draw breath as Thundertruck rolls in with a guitar that howls and organ that picks up the riffs and we are in for a torrent of pure granite heavy rocking.  The rock builds as the Canadians are fuelled with their distinctive mix of Southern-infused music and the heavy rock of the eighties a stratospheric collision of Allman Brothers and Black Sabbath are welded by the power of the truck anthemic power on Evolution.

Four tracks in and we are rocking out with rock chiselled out by Jeremy’s raw guitar and the chords from the keys from Brandon adding a tonal depth that shines.  The tempo changes the truck is taking us on a diversion with Devil Don’t Care with the drum roll and harmonica that pulls in the heritage of rock tipping its hats to the giants of the blues.  The track is dirty, raw blues-rock the beats roll and the lyrics unfurl a story of people who are rooted in religion by intoning the devil and the mark of the beast. Devil Don’t Care demonstrates that this is a band that shapes the sound to the lyrics this time letting the blues harp cry out in answer to Jon’s vocals. We are back with the rock with Being Cool Is Over, loud, dangerous and rousing this is demolition rock as we are let free to have the wildest fun that rock can offer.

In the mix are three tracks including Young City, Evolution and Hurricane. You feel the different vibe with the influence of award-winning producers Gavin Brown and Maia Davis turning the sound a few degrees. They lighten the heavy loud and release an inner sense of adventure. They make Monster Truck shape the instruments into a sonic noise we want to cheer and have fun with.  The opening brings a freedom to the delivery and if you rock you will always be young at heart.  The guitar leads out with Undone. Jon’s vocal soothes out the lyrics with this slower ballad number. Fighting the demon within, and finding the strength to resist. The number builds and widens out with these powerful lyrics many can connect to when we feel Undone and no one can hear our cries echoed in the guitar lead break reflected back by the keys such a powerful combination on this number that Is emotionally intense.

We pick up the party rock with hard-hitting grungy In My Own World. This is made for an outdoor festival as Jon’s vocals howl, the drums are incessant and we are under the spell of Monster Truck immersed in their world.

Now for the last three tracks how will they sign out? First exploring the danger of denim with the swirl of keys that add to the atmosphere of danger. We are now confident that rock will never die whilst the Monster Truck are on the road.   We are now building up a storm with Hurricane what a howl to open the number and this is fast rock building just like a Hurricane, dangerous, mean and sweeping all before, there is no escape from its grip. Closing out the album with The Howlin’ starting with a quitter assured intro of a melodic interplay between the instruments we are capturing rock-blues ones again. Jon is intent to tell us the story of the lyrics taking us back to when he was a frightened young boy. This is rock that truly entertains, shaping your mood, uplifting and with something to say. The tones and textures explored across the album are multi-dimensional showing this is a Monster Truck full of ideas that spark and fizz with the dominance of rock as the crescendo of keys are played until are speakers are silent… Easy solution put the album on repeat and keep on rocking.

True Rockers is a celebration of driving beats, cascading baselines, guitar that shines with a razor-sharp intend and vocals that dominate when required as the lyrics unfurl. It is genuinely in your face, loud rock.  As they say “Don’t tell Monster Truck that Rock is dead. Rock isn’t dead, it’s alive and burning a trail across the globe. Don’t fuck with the Truck.” Just turn the volume up and rock out with pure unadulterated pleasure with rock delivered with passion on True Rockers.

TENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

True Rocker – Monster TruckMascot Label Group

Released Friday 14th September 2018


    1. True Rocker
    2. Thundertruck
    3. Evolution
    4. Devil Don’t Care
    5. Being Cool Is Over
    6. Young City Hearts
    7. Undone
    8. In My World
    9. Denim Danger
    10. Hurricane
    11. The Howlin’

Jon Harvey – Vocals/Bass
Jeremey Widerman – Guitars
Brandon Bliss – Keyboards
Steve Kiely – Drums
Guest Dee Snider (track 1)

True Rocker declares Monster Truck’s New Album

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