Troy Redfern shares This Raging Heart

Troy Redfern shares This Raging Heart

Troy Redfern shares This Raging Heart - A 5 Doodle Paw blues rock, slide driven masterpiece that will never fail to lift the spirits.

As Troy Redfern is in the final stages of putting out a new album, I have at last caught up with the backlog of last year’s releases and had to share his 2020 album with you and prepare you to get the money ready for his new one!

We have loved all of Troy’s albums here on Bluesdoodles and your can look up our past thoughts via the search facility and don’t forget, he was also part of the phenomenal Redfern, Hutchinson and Ross release called Mahogany Drift which we also loved.

Anyway, this Herefordshire born multi-instrumentalist plays a stunning slide guitar and has served up ten tracks of bluesy rocky loveliness that will entertain and amaze with his instinctive electric and mesmerising resonator playing. This was to be supported by a Spring tour but, of course, lockdown scuppered his plans and we just have to hope that he will be out there again soon, because his live work is, unbelievably, even more incendiary that in the studio.

To the music: opener, Wrong Side Of The Tracks, is pure genius…superb slide (natch), with bass and drums joining in on a train track riff and rhythm. Then it just gets better as the vocal fits and encourages you to sing too…then the solo is teed up nicely by a fascinating bridge and is brilliant: Troy uses the bottleneck in a harsh caress and makes that guitar sing…pity it wasn’t half an hour longer! Tonight is slower but managers a swagger that few can imbue into such a ‘simple’ riff. Another slide solo that sends shivers down the spine with a touch that is like Elmore on electric.

It Ain’t Easy has a reggae feel to the chord work but, in essence, is a subtle blues based pop rock song that is really engaging. The solo is a bit modern (if you get what I mean) for my ears, but is still bloody good. On My Knees is back to pure swampy blues where he employs familiar rhythms and slide patterns but still makes a new, meaningful song…especially backed by that bass line…bliss. Oh, and the solo is genius if way too short.

My Oh My is straight out of the quality blues rock book of boogie. It has that trademark ability of employing the familiar structures in deft new ways…you will boogie along and then sit in awe of that slide tone. Don’t Let Me Down stays in the rocky side of the blues with a neat riff and a chorus made for an audience…we can but dream.

Engraved is a slow paced song that burns; echo drums (that sound like the dreaded machine at first) and then the appearance of the resonator and Troy’s playing skills show even more starkly on this beautiful instrument. The solo is aching in its intensity and emotiveness – an ability that few can match and this bit actually made me think of the other master of slide, Mickey Moody, on his Acoustic Journeyman album.

Left For Dead is back to up to date traditional blues and is irresistible. That slide tone is, again, so pure and feral! In Memories is an instrumental that I listened to five times straight off as the Vigilante Man slide enthralled and every second of its too short 1:44 running time is just beautiful. Final track, Slash And Burn, in blues rockabilly mode for a pure slide driven slice of fun…the old is great too with a touch of the Manny charlton’s about it which is a very good thing but it was way, way too short.

You might have guessed by now that I love this album as it contains all that is good about the blues in the modern world, converted by a true master of the art of slide. So buy it and, like me, his other eleven albums and then get ready to buy the new one on release.

Bluesdoodles rating: A 5 Doodle Paw blues rock, slide driven masterpiece that will never fail to lift the spirits.

Track listing:
1. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
2. Tonight
3. It Ain’t Easy
4. On My Knees
5. My Oh My
6. Don’t Let Me Down
7. Engraved
8. Left For Dead
9. In Memories
10. Slash And Burn

Troy Redfern shares This Raging Heart

(iTunes surprised me with the softish rock of Tucky Buzzard and their debut on Purple Records, Gold Medallions…I’d forgotten how enjoyable they are.)

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