Travel Down To Port Saint Joe With Brothers Osborne

The dynamic country fuelled fun-loving duo are back with their second studio album Port Saint Joe. The pairing of TJ & John Osborne digs deep down into the legacy of rock and country while spinning in the sparkling energy of a modern sound. The music across the ten new tracks is full of vivacity. The grooves are deep, the vocals lyrically melodic. This is a modern sound taking rock on a trajectory that is golden.

Listen to the album expect the tempo and moods to ebb and flow like the waves lapping the beach as the sonic journey starts, let’s take a musically stroll down to Port Saint Joe with the brothers. The beat picks up and the percussion rattles as we join them on a Slow Down Roll. Take time out sit back and, as they advise, take a deep breath. Now listen. The first single from the album, in the run-up to release date of 20th April certainly got the right attention; as they demand Shoot Me Straight. This is rocking country with hard edge guitar that stings and vocals that demand you listen. TJ & John working in perfect harmony and shooting a bullseye of a single. This album was not about chasing singles but writing music that gives country a buzz. Closing out with a sustained and charismatic guitar break changes the vibe and leads smoothly into the nostalgic third track I Don’t remember Me (Before You).

The drumming groove on Weed, Whiskey And Willie shapes the delivery of John’s guitar and sets the scene for TJ to lay down lyrics that focus on the narrative. Surviving the bad times with vices and the musical power of Willie Nelson.

Songs that are co-written often have an inner strength and this is true of Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive). With guitarist Kendell Marvel joining two brothers. This song curls around the speakers and into your consciousness and track that will oft be on repeat. They opened with the sound of the beach; the album closes with a song that stands out leaving an indelible mark you never want to remove. As they sing and play While You Still Can you are immersed in the sound and want the happy sounds and feel good vibe to go on forever as Brothers Osborne enable you to suspend reality. Join in and live each day as your last. Powerful music delivered by Brothers that know how to hit the mark.

One thing is for sure, the serendipity of this summer anthem album arrived in my inbox for review as we saw the first rays of warm sunshine knock winter on its head. The brothers from Maryland, recorded the album in the Florida panhandle town, Port Saint Joe, a perfect fit for their second studio album. Play the album loud and dispel all memories of winter as you explore the music of Brothers Osbourne. The rocking country growling bluesy vibe is infectious and you have the feeling the best is yet to come. One thing they should never lose is the feeling of raw spontaneity it makes the sound authentic. Yes, they are still polishing their style into one that is recognisable. Building on the superb guitar and baritone vocals that at times collide and at other times coalesce creating a cascading celebration of music that sounds mighty fine. And remember when dancing a country waltz do not forget the Tequila!

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Brothers Osborne – Family Tree – Snakefarm Records


  1. Slow Down Roll
  2. Shoot Me Straight
  3. I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)
  4. Weed, Whiskey And Willie
  5. Tequila Again
  6. A Couple Wrongs Makin’ It Alright
  7. Pushing Up Daisies (Love Alive)
  8. Drank Like Hank
  9. A Little Bit Trouble
  10. While You Still Can

Travel Down To Port Saint Joe With Brothers Osborne

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