Those Damn Crows Deliver Murder and The Motive

Those Damn Crows Deliver Murder and The Motive

Those Damn Crows, mean business. From their opening number Don’t Give A Damn through to the closing refrains of Fear Of The Broken, there is an raw energy and determination captured within their debut album Murder And The Motive.

When you open the album for the first time, sit back and listen with intent from the first to the last song in the order the band has created, this is a set list a moving soundscape that defines this exciting young band. Remember at all times dig deep into the lyrics delivered with passion by Shane. He is the cherry on top of the delicious melodic, hard-hitting, punk-infused rock cake that the band produces shaping the rhythms, tones and textures around the lyrics.

Now for the music, opening with Don’t Give A Damn, the guitar riff sets the ear alight and then Shane’s vocals gives the number a controlled urgency. The chorus… I dare you not to be singing it for days… is something else and the guitars are heavy and full of riffs throughout particularly so on Someone Someday with dirty intuitive shaping around the lyrics. Shane’s vocals are perfect for delivering the edgy rock n’ roll this demands.

They lay down their raison d’être, with Rock and Roll Ain’t Dead, with this band keeping the heat up it isn’t sleepwalking into oblivion it is here. Entertaining and exciting people and that is why it will never die. This is a song about being true to your passion, not reforming something that isn’t broken. Not re-inventing another sub-genre just because you think it will be cool. With the five-piece combination playing music like this the only certainty is rock will always draw the excited crowds.

Opening with Shane we look Behind These Walls. A softer number, well softer for the Crows! You are sucked into the energy the feeling and you become part of the rollercoaster ride that this debut album promises to be for a while with lots of rocking and rolling.


If you love, and who doesn’t? Huge guitar riffed heavy numbers then Seven Days is perfection as the twin guitars pack a punch.  The heavy anthemic beats of Breakaway sets down the tones and textures the band are exploring with. Yes at times the album which is beautifully produced lacks differentiation between the numbers. It is strong but it lacks that song that you think “wow that was unexpected”.  That is the treat for the follow-up album… until then keep listening to Murder And The Motive, in a Blink Of An Eye is my favourite by the way…

The influences are many but this is no retro album looking backwards. It is surging forward. Yes, hear the influences that have shaped this young band but LISTEN to the music they are making. They are out of Bridgend and are ready to conquer the world with their genuine re-shaping of the power of rock.  Stealing their lyrics in a Blink Of An Eye these guys will be playing packed arena shows….

Murder And The Motive is a triumphant anthemic debut album. Those Damn Crows have distilled their live sound into the studio setting. This is the band we love to hear giving us authentic rock n’ roll delivered from the heart straight into our soul.

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Those Damn Crows – Murder And The Motive –  Earache Records
Release Date 5th October 2018 Cosa Nostra PR



  1. Don’t Give a Damn
  2. Blink of an Eye
  3. Someone Someday
  4. Rock And Roll Ain’t Dead
  5. Behind These Walls
  6. Say It
  7. Seven Days
  8. The Fighter
  9. Breakaway
  10. Fear of The Broken

Shane Greenhall – Vocalist
Ian ‘Shiner’ Thomas – Guitar
Dave Winchurch – Guitar
Lloyd Wood – Bass
Ronnie Huxford – Drums

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