Take A trip to Providence Canyon With Brent Cobb

Take A trip to Providence Canyon With Brent Cobb Country  Americana with a stinging attitude, wonderful Hammond, and guitars that speak to you across eleven tracks

Opening with the title track, once again Brent Cobb lays down two truths his soul is in Americana and his heart deep in Georgia as they seek a simpler life through lyrics and acoustic guitar.  Eleven songs that flow like a river through a canyon, you know you have to move on with the flow of the water. You just don’t know what currents the water will stir up in you.  This is the follow-up to his acclaimed 2016 album Shine On Rainy Days. The follow-up builds on a firm foundation this is music that makes you smile, kick up your feet and long for laid-back days where problems dissolve in the mist of time.  It is drenched in country, and narratives of blue-collar workers who live, work, love and cry in the deep south.

The beats ebb and flow and the second number King Of Alabama has a guitar that stings and Hammond that drifts with a careless purpose combined with a forthright determination. Cobb has captured his friendship and influence of his late mentor songwriter Wayne Mills, the King of Alabama. Mills was shot in a Nashville bar, the lyrics, never maudlin reflect that ‘Nothing good happens after midnight’.

The tempo picks up with a foot-tapping medley of Mornings Gonna Come. Opening with a roll of drums, cymbals and guitar, the words spoken fast with a beat that just feels like a lyrical poem. The approach of the equivalent of a lyric video reflects work of bands such as Cadillac Three.  Live life without regret adding textures and fun to the album.  The album is full of twists and turns we end up in a quiet acoustic eddy with Come Home Soon, with a country whine and guitar that shines through. This is a song of yearning when you realise that you are a long way from home and people that keep you grounded. A country ballad reflecting feelings of regret, hurt and the feeling of being lost despite being in a crowd. When home is a distant memory.

Guitar sounds across the album always makes a statement and the slide guitar on Sucker For a Good Time is ferociously good, Wow what a number that is swampy, slidy and cascades out of the speaker like smooth bourbon over icy rocks.

Brent Cobb delivers music that is grounded in his experiences. This gives the lyrics an authenticity that makes you feel you know Cobb through the music he plays. You can hear the smile on the corner of his lips as he sings of the land and people who have shaped him. Providence Canyon is tough and gritty the romance is always tempered with the realism. This is not a soft country but Americana hewn out of the soil and rocks; the canyon is deep and complicated.

Southern Rockster is captured on 30-06 as the beat grows and the anger flows from the guitar and is spat out with purpose and feeling by Brent as he sings ‘this  town too small and he snarls out ‘you’re going get ditched by a 30-06!’ We are then back to a quieter traditional sounding Lorene like any country road there will always be two sides of the road, one in shadows the other bright and sunny.  Closing out the album with Ain’t A Road Too Long, the lyrics are delivered with a staccato delivery, not spoke, not sung a sort of rap that doesn’t materialise. He definitely leaves you with a fresh approach to Country  Americana with a stinging attitude, wonderful Hammond, and guitars that speak to you.

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Brent Cobb – Providence Canyon – Warner Music


  1. Providence Canyon
  2. King of Alabama
  3. Mornin’s Gonna Come
  4. Come Home Soon
  5. Sucker For A Good Time
  6. High In The Country
  7. If I Don’t See Ya
  8. 30-06
  9. Lorene
  10. When The Dust Settles
  11. Ain’t A Road Too Long



Take A trip to Providence Canyon With Brent Cobb

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