Sonia Leigh Delivers The Album with Friends at Abbey Road London

Sonia Leigh Delivers The Album with Friends at Abbey Road London

Sonia Leigh Delivers The Album with Friends at Abbey Road London
Sonia Leigh’s album opens and closes the album at the piano with a delicate instrumental Debussy’s Clare De Lune. The simplicity and elegance of the notes reflecting the moonlight captured in each note. Is this a cover or an interesting reprise of a classic inspired by a poem by Paul Verlaine, whatever – it is captivating. The album recorded at Abbey Road Studio is a celebration of the time spent touring in the UK; with Broken Witt Rebels and Joanne Shaw Taylor, building friendships and fans wherever she played. The album is Sonia Leigh recording with friends the music that defines her style and why she is a shining star in the ferment that is roots based country rock. Demonstrated on this stylish White album, Sonia Leigh and Friends Studio 3 Sessions.

Contrasting with the piano intro we up the tempo, fuel up the Sonia Leigh music machine with Alabama Bound. A travelling song that takes on a journey of childhood, memories and a journey of discovery. The acoustic guitar opens then the electric picks up the vibe as Sonia delivers My Name is Money, the lyrics explore the light and dark sides of the power of money. By now you are hooked on the gritty vocals and instrumentation that curls around the lyrics, breaking free to explore the melodies this is a musical hug in a jar.

The first to appear from Mad Hatter (Bluesdoodles full review can be found here) is Jack Is Back, stunning live and this version reflecting the warmth of friendship with Sonia’s vocal declaring Jack Is Back full of seductive power and certainty. The revamping continues with Dead Man’s Sunrise, the tempo and texture may change but the lyrics are strong and the music infectious as Sonia howls. We are back with the Moonlight, this is modern classy faster, delicious guitar licks and vocal acrobatics. The last of the four is Sky Submarine, this ship is no lead balloon upbeat and we are having fun with Sonia and her friends. A real summertime, good-time sound.

Third number dedicated to the moon, Ladder To The Moon. We are in the desert with pounding rhythmic almost tribal drumming beat. Like many of her numbers the style of music does not need to be defined it is classy, beguiling and full of emotional intelligence this is definitely a stand out track on an album full of magic moments. Along with Sweet Annie, her penned number one hit for Zac Brown Band, tantalizing violin intro to an acoustic number that has wonderful harmonizing between the two vocal cadences of Sonia and Katy Hurt. Wearing your heart on your sleeve the emotions pour out of Sweet Annie.

One thing for certain Sonia Leigh is a woman and musician with a sense of purpose to deliver music that is timeless and defies being put in a box marked Genre X. Her last studio album Mad Hatter is replete with stunning songs so not surprising that a quartet makes this album as Sonia plays in London with her friends. She has style and panache putting modern into country and fuels up roots inspired tones with a rocking sassy attitude.

Sonia LeighSonia Leigh and Friends Studio 3 Sessions

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


Clair De Lune
Alabama Bound
My Name Is Money
Jack Is Back MH
Sweet Annie
Dead Man’s Sunrise MH
Walking In The Moonlight MH
Ladder To The Moon
Rob The Man
Sky Submarine MH
Ol’ 55

Sonia Leigh Delivers The Album with Friends at Abbey Road London

The friends with Sonia Leigh Included James Tranter, James Dudley and Luke Davis from Broken Witt Rebels, Katy Hurt and many surprise Cameo’s



Sonia Leigh Delivers The Album with Friends at Abbey Road London




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