Snake Eyes Brings Broken Witt Rebels To Your Speaker

Snake Eyes Brings Broken Witt Rebels To Your Speaker

Snake Eyes Brings Broken Witt Rebels To Your Speaker this four track is far to short but does neatly capture the essence of this young and exciting band

Four Track E.P. of Studio Recordings

Back last summer into my inbox came an EP from Broken Witt Rebels, Snake Eyes. I listened loved the four tracks it left me in the heat of those long hot days wanting more, a full album. Then, for some inexplicable reason the review was never written I listened I loved the sound played all their songs on shuffle. Saw them play live but the review of these four songs remained unwritten.

Then another message announcing a new video and alarm bells rang as I listened to

Breathless –  from their self-titled debut 2017 album

… that the review was never started let alone finished.

This is the exclusive video for the track, one of the Broken Witt Rebels gems from their self-titled debut album.  “As Luke mentions it was shot on the spur of the moment utilising the equipment and set that was in place for a live performance the band had been filming all day. I think we’d been there about twelve hours by the time we went for this. The room was boiling hot and full of dry ice.  I was happy to try something different and I got to be sat down for some of it too” adds vocalist Danny Core

The perfect excuse on a snowy afternoon to heat up the speakers with Danny Core’s vocals and Snake Eyes. Opening with the title track. We have the first number from their self-titled debut album Snake Eyes always a winner. The second number from the album follows with Wait For You , melodic and beautiful with the beat of the drum and chorus that swathes the melody with movement of tone and sound. It leaves you wanting so much more.
Then a favourite from every BWR live setlist – Bang Bang. Danny’s voice sets the tone and then the guitar and rhythm section picks up the moody beat. The energy building as the lyrics unfold pulling you into the tonal textures that define this young band. A favourite when they play live it is perfect for this perfectly formed EP.
Closing this short EP with Turn Me On the crescendo is reached as the sound grows there is a ebb and flow of emotion as Danny explores the relationship captured in the lyrics.

Across the E.P. we have the musical stamp that defines BWR. It is the effortless blending of influences out of the Midlands deep into the shades of Blues, Southern Rock, layers of country and the glue the driving energy of British rock.  The first think you notice on every number whether from the studio or live on a stage is Danny’s vocals as they groan, cry, beseech and take you to a special place as the tonal depth sends shivers of pure delight down your spine demanding and getting noticed every time.  Without the band he would not have the deep and strong platform to soar to the heights he finds. The rhythm section of JD on drums and Luke’s Bass guitar are full of beats and tonal cadences that ensure all of the numbers have shape and textures. The guitar work from James is superb silky smooth and then rasping and demanding he adds chords that complement the rhythm guitar of Danny.

With every performance this is a band that is maturing re-visiting old favourites that are then developed and honed into pieces of crafted delights. Fingers crossed we are not left Breathless waiting for an album for a Broken Witt Rebels album in 2019

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Broken Witt Rebels – Snake Eyes – Spinefarm Records


  1. Snake Eyes
  2. Wait For You
  3. Bang Bang
  4. Turn Me On

Broken Witt Rebelsare:

Danny Core – Vocals

James Tranter – Guitar

Luke Davis – Bass

James Dudley – Drums

Snake Eyes Brings Broken Witt Rebels To Your Speaker
L-R: Luke – Danny – James D – James T

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