Savoy Brown latest release proclaims Ain’t Done Yet

Legendary British Blues Rock band Savoy Brown led by founding member Kim Simmonds, announces the release of their exciting new album, “Ain’t Done Yet”, on Quarto Valley Records in late August. The new album follows their  critically acclaimed 2019 album, “City Night.”  Simmonds has been the group’s guiding hand from the first singles released in 1966 through this newest effort, Savoy Brown’s 41st album release.

On the new record, Simmonds (guitar harmonica, vocals) is joined by his long-running bandmates Pat DeSalvo (bass) and Garnet Grimm (drums). I love the relentless bass drive and guitar wail of opener ‘It’s All Gone Wrong’ . Simmonds is the heart of the band, and while his voice has lost​some power, it’s still interesting. And his guitar playing is equally compelling. 

The six-minute six-second drive down ‘Devil’s Highway’ which follows that cracking opener is reminiscent of 80’s English North East guitar lead music,  the guitar driving you on. “River On The Rise” is an acoustic-based song, by Kim’s own admission the slide reminding him of George Harrison.

“Borrowed Time ” is literally about an older person not having too long left. The unique guitar tone comes courtesy of mixer Ben Elliot’s Multivox Full Rotor. Sadly, shortly after making the album, Ben died, so this would turn out to be the last recording at his Showplace Studios. John Shelmet helps Simmonds sort out his songs he writes.

“Feel Like A Gypsy” has been around in some form or other for years, but with the assistance of Shelmet, it has finally come to light, complete with a long improvisation at the end. “Jaguar Car” is pure boogie, young man owns Jaguar car, his reason to be alive, think older man having a mid-life crisis!

Great harp from Simmonds, by the way. “Rocking In Louisiana” is a nod to where the music Simmonds loves was born, steel dobro to the fore. Another older song “Soho Girl”, whether in London or New York, is about having an exotic girlfriend….say no more! 

Closing out the album with “Crying Guitar” following the tradition of including an instrumental and is a perfect slow and moody way to close the album.  My age tells me that Savoy Brown in all its different guises can do no wrong, this is another cracking addition, long may they continue!

Bluesdoodles rating: Stupendous – Savoy Brown in all its different guises can do no wrong, this is another cracking addition, long may they continue!

1. All Gone Wrong
2. Devil’s Highway
3. River On The Rise
4. Borrowed Time
5. Ain’t Done Yet
6. Feel Like A Gypsy
7. Jaguar Car
8. Rockin’ in Louisiana
9. Soho Girl
10. Crying Guitar

Kim Simmonds – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica
Pat DeSalvo – Bass
Garnet Grimm – Drums

Producer: Kim Simmonds
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ben Elliott 
Recorded in Dover, NJ, at Showplace Studios

Record Label: Quarto Valley Records

Savoy Brown latest release proclaims Ain't Done Yet
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