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Rocking new album We Will ride again with Inglorious

Rocking new album We Will ride again with Inglorious a heady mix of stellar vocals and full-on rock instrumentation always played loud

New Album from Inglorious, We Will Ride follows the 2019 release of Ride To Nowhere. There is a narrative when the two titles are written together, who would have thought in when they released Ride To Nowhere the title was prophetic as soon we would all be locked down going nowhere. Now as the hope of the world ride as upon a vaccine we have launched onto the soundwaves We Will Ride. Inglorious’ confidence continues with a string of dates announced across the U.K. as restrictions are pulled back. Check the dates out HERE

Now let us get down to the Eleven tracks that take us on a journey as We Will Ride again with Inglorious.

Opening with She Won’t Let You Go we are back listening to the energetic, melodic slipstream of Nathan’s vocals. They rise above the band taking you to a world of unrestrained freedoms.  It is not surprising this was the single that launched this long awaited album.

Vocalist Nathan James says, “This a song myself and Danny wrote before he was even in the band, I wanted the video to showcase each member individually so everyone could see each person at a time doing their thing. The same guy who has done all our videos shot it, which was quite tricky given the lockdown restrictions. The song is about a girl who we met on a night out in Camden, she had flame red hair and a mean right hook…”

The second track Messiah shows a quieter gentler side of Nathan’s voice. It has a haunting captivating power. His voice grows as the bands’ energy increases and opens into its full rock splendour creating a number that is intoxicating.

The third track opens with a heavy, blues stompbox intro. Then the vocals pull the sound of Medusa and we are entangled in a Rock Anthem that has deep blues anchor the sound to the ground. The guitar powers again with a lead break picking up the blues. The mix of biblical and mythological phrasing makes the lyrics full of interest as Nathans. The guitars whine and Nathan’s vocals as ever soar and spit out the lyrics. Once again the drums and bass are more than a platform they shape the sound layered as a harmonious delicious rocking sound that excites.

The pace slows to a stripped-down opening with Eye of The Storm. This is a reflective number that gives us room to breathe after the power onslaught of the opening tracks. This different dimension gives the album a tonal textural and keeps the ears interested. Again strong lyrics are the hidden gems, sit back and listen they have a story that will resonant with you as the Storm of sound grows but never overwhelms the tonal grace of this track.

Plucking of the guitar opens Cruel Intentions, no we are not in for a semi-acoustic number as the drums join hailing a full-on rock anthem that is typical Inglorious. There sound is never thin it is always full on.

Just over halfway through and we explore My Misery. Now we have the rock ballad at the heart of We Will Ride. Followed by Do You Like it an extravaganza of sound to rock out with.

The double guitar sound pounds out the intro on He Will Provide, with drums that create the tension as Nathan’s voice comes in controlled and full of colour as he shapes the lyrics. Once again Inglorious have created a mosaic of sounds and textures that combine to paint a complete sound.  As we build the tempo and energy the tempo changes there is a calmness picking up on a mystical feel. The guitar lead break is power without excess, if you were listening to this live you would not want it to stop as the manipulation of the six strings draw you in. Then Nathan’s voice returns and you are delighted this is a complete sound.

The title has a poignancy and the tinge of hope as they sing We Will Meet Again. It the integrity of the sound that makes this and every track stand out. Yes, Nathan’s vocals are front and centre, but it would be a pale shadow without the melodic power from his band, that had the shading to give the voice tonal depth.

The penultimate track starts quieter as Nathan addresses the God of War.  The sound grows into a crescendo and then is brought down again. This is a conversation of tones, lyrics and showcases a band full of self-belief and confidence.

Closing out the album is the title track, We Will Ride. A number that is defines the album. It is a closing statement that makes you just start again from the first track. Every song works on its own but as a collection, it has a narrative as we explore, hope, despair, war and deliverance. The music builds and fades and then conquers. Inglorious yes, We Will Ride with you on this journey of rock extravagance.

I defy you not to stamp your feet and shake your head with rock vigour as you dance around the room from the first note to the last. We Will Ride is a rocking adventure and definitely looking forward to the day when these tracks are played live and loud at your favourite venue.

Bluesdoodles rating: 4 Doodle Paws – A Wonderful album as you ride with Ingloriousheady mix of stellar vocals and full-on rock instrumentation

Rocking new album We Will ride again with Inglorious

1. She Won’t Let You Go
2. Messiah
3. Medusa
4. Eye Of The Storm
5. Cruel Intentions
6. My Misery
7. Do You Like It
8. He Will Provide
9. We Will Meet Again
10. God Of War
11. We Will Ride

Inglorious are: 
Nathan James – vocals
Danny Dela Cruz – guitar
Dan Stevens – guitar
Vinnie Colla – bass
Phil Beaver – drums.

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