Reach For The Sky and Party With Bad Touch

Reach For The Sky and Party With Bad Touch

Reach For The Sky and Party With Bad Touch. Stupendous fourth album. Strong lyrics hot Rock n' Roll vibe with a touch of blues, gospel, Southern Rock & funk

Happy release day.  Bad Touch releases their fourth Album Kiss The Sky today, 19th June 2020 on Marshall Records. Releasing an album in these strange times, the anticipated pre-release tour April 2020 fell victim of Covid-19 as the world locked down. Stages fell silent and venues locked their doors. We were entering an unknown world. Music became our solace. First, old favourites then as bands adapted we had solo performances, Lockdown festivals and then bands via technology created together.  In the midst of this, we wanted the excitement of new music. Our ears started to take us into the unknown. We wanted to Kiss The Sky again and music was a way to fly free when life was shut down into a small sphere.

Kiss The Sky is the band’s fourth album. With each release the excitement grows. Why? Bad Touch have honed their musical skills and flexed their creative muscles by playing live headlining and opening as special guests to large festival crowds and playing in smaller grass roots venues. They have a grown and nurtured an ever-growing fan base who love their no-nonsense Rock n’ Roll style infused by Southern Rock goodtime vibes. They are ready to deliver another thirteen tracks.

Opening, with Come A little Closer, better than getting close to speaker is turn the volume up… then I remember upstairs the other-half is working from home a real change as we adopt new patterns of behaviour and living coming closer is now not an option we have to be physically distant. BUT! Music connects us and this belter of an opener with Stevie’s voice cajoling and warm brings the energy of music into the home. We are now warmed up energised as a love song with the unlikely title I Get High flows from the speaker. Once again the guitar is strong, the drumming the perfect foil to the vocals and the strong BV’s will make this a song we demand to hear live when the time is right as they tour in 2021. This is about being smitten spending the rest of life with the person of your choice. We are with the Band of our choice.

Third track in we are now on a journey exploring the music as we are drawn deep into the groove as Stevie counts us in collectively to Let Go. The tone may be chilled out but the energy is controlled in the reprise and then the tempo builds so we have to Let Go. Whether at home or part of a festival crowd I challenge you, try not to sing-a-long, it is an impossibility. Let Go is a definite crowd pleaser.  The first single from the album Strut follows. A track with verve and attitude. The southern gospel, ear-pleasing chorus makes this track the perfect ambassador for the album.

Then a cover the title is so apt for the here-and-now. A cover of Kiki Dee’s I’ve Got The Music in Me. This is Bad Touch re-interpretation of a well-known number, louder, dirtier with raunchy horns adding another layer.

Bad Touch have distilled in a bottle the essence of a good time on their fourth album Touch The Sky. At home turn the speakers up, and let the music pour you a generous dose of therapy to brighten your day or night, dance, laugh and hold-in there they will be back playing live, until then there is the recorded songs. The big guitar sounds of Glendenning & Seekings are the bedrock of the sound but the band never relies on this, which is shown to perfection on Can You Save me, Stevie’s voice harmonises with the sound from the back as Drummer George adds that extra vocal tone. What makes this track standout is the lyrics.  They are reflective and have a narrative a story held in the nuggets of the words chosen meaning the music is never overwhelmed by the large sound Bad Touch creates.

Personally, I love it when the title track is nestled half-way through the album. The preceding numbers have been big – this is humongous.  It is not a loud high energy track for the sake of it as the melody weaves itself around Westwood’s awesome vocals. Let’s party with this whole album when we can gather and rejoice in the power of music. It is the trademark stamp of the album.

There is another side of Bad Touch the keys add a gentle reflection in the pool of sounds as the tempo pulls back on the throttle in See You Again. A heart-rending ballad of loss of a best friend and father. The guitars weep in a song of loss and hope never maudlin, a celebration of love and a life well lived. Full of soul and empathy, fitting into the album as a foil to the other tracks a timely reminder that we cannot sadly party all the time!

They follow this by changing gear and adding some funk into the album’s lexicon of sounds on Before I Die. A modern light rock number with plenty of gusto Bad Touch style.  Read All About It, showcases the six-string mastery of Rob on guitar. He lets his fingers do the talking as the strings bend to his will with red-hot tones that are simply electric.  Now with the title may be Too Much of A Good Thing; having listened to the album you can never have too much of Bad Touch’s deft touch on the rhythm, melody and delivery of lyrics.

Sun and the Moon, is the final track on Vinyl whilst the CD has a bonus track.  Ever present is Bad Touch’s frontman Stevie Westwood. His distinctive vocals adding tone and texture to every word he sings. This Bad Touch sound is augmented by some mighty fine keys adding to the Black Crowes, Magpie Salute feel to a track that closes out with the powerful thought we can achieve anything if we all work together. The extra track is a change in delivery and direction. As they mix acoustic vibe and a huge guitar solo on Something about Your Kiss. The gentleness adds to the power as they explore the essence of Fleetwood Mac and Bad Company and adds the twist of Bad Touch magic. I am so glad they add this so we can hear every shade of the band’s immense lexicon of sounds.

Bluesdoodles rating: Stupendous album: Strong lyrics hot Rock n’ Roll vibe with a touch of blues, gospel, Southern Rock & funk
My Track of the Album ….. See You Again The haunting beauty stays with you long after the last note fades away.
Bad Touch are:-

Stevie Westwood – Vocals

Rob Glendinning – Guitar

Daniel Seekings – Guitar

Michael Bailey – Bass

George Dewry – Drums

Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales, December 2019

Produced by Nick Brine and Bad Touch

Mixed by Nick Brine

Mastered by Pete Maher


  1. Come A Little Closer
  2. I Get High
  3. Let Go
  4. Strut
  5. I Got The Music In Me
  6. Can You Save Me?
  7. Kiss The Sky
  8. See You Again
  9. Before I Die
  10. Read All About It
  11. Too Much of a Good Thing
  12. Sun and Moon
  13. Something About Your Kiss
  14. Reach For The Sky and Party With Bad Touch

    You have heard the album now, listen again as you countdown the days until you can hear Bad Touch Live in 2021

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