Rainbreakers Go Face To Face On Debut Album

Rainbreakers Go Face To Face On Debut Album

Rainbreakers, having released a couple of EP’s Blood Not Brass and Rise Up. The long and highly anticipated debut album has arrived, Face To Face is here to stay on our playlist of choice for a long time to come. Why? Read on….

The album opens with the first single released, Heavy Soul. With its wonderful video, Heavy Soul wetted our appetites for what the rest of the album would deliver. Debut album, the new single is challenging enough but Ben Edwards opened up on this number about his very personal struggle with mental illness.  Heavy Soul is a reflection of the darkness that can so easily engulf any of us. This is a band working together with deep riffs and then Ben’s distinctive vocals sharing the words with heartfelt emotion. The chorus with backing vocals are heard from a distance and picks up the load that is intoned in the hollers of early blues with clapping and then the main vocal from Ben searing through the BVs. This is personal this is hard-hitting. We are not alone this song with its upbeat tempo and powerful lyrics is an invigorating, tasty number to open the album.  Listen and your soul will be lightened with the joy of producing music that has something to say, original and modern.

Charlie Richards guitar cascades and pulls the lyrics through as the music reflects the manipulation that many have experienced by the person they thought they loved and definitely trusted. Once again a difficult topic is explored not immersed in misery but sharing the emotion through lyrics and melodic licks and stinging rhythms of Got Me Where She Wants.

Sometimes, like life what was done in the past needs to be revisited; that is the case of Ain’t Nothin’ Going On, the opening track on Blood not Brass. Interesting to compare to show how the band and the song has developed over the years. Playing the song live, whilst out on the road and adding a depth of understanding to having to defend yourself when you haven’t done anything. If this is about the difficulties of relationships and trust as the tempo slows and the music mellows we have a pure love song with Lost With You. Sung and played beautifully.

Halfway through and we hear the title track, using a real life experience, Ben’s vocals understand the emotional turmoil of jealousy and being watched. The rhythms from Peter and Sam have hit the mark throughout the album and here they add to the tension of what could happen the building of emotional turmoil is picked up with some searing guitar. This is R n’ B with soul that tears through your musical DNA with spine-tingling pleasure as we are Face To Face with a band on top form in the studio.


Ben sings, “It ain’t no competition”, on Take It Or Leave It a song about being true to your beliefs and this is what the Rainbreakers represent. They are true to the blues-fuelled, soul-induced music that curls with a pop beat. They do not need to be fuelled by rock they know that Take It or Leave It they are producing a sound to be proud of.  They have no reason to feel guilty. Take a leaf out of their lexicon of words and be true to yourself and grow stronger.  Talking is another powerful tool in being strong and resilient to what life throws at you and Lay It On Me explores on a track that swings with a light refrain of melody with a clear dancing beat, perfect for when you need to lean on somebody.

Closing the album with Waiting On You/Movin On, a twinning of numbers, Waiting On You from Rise Up and with a mournful delivery of being cruel to be kind the ultimatum is given, with soulful inflection … then what happens? The band answers you with Moving On taking that step forward into the future. The change is as subtle as the crescendo grows we are Movin On.

Back to Blood not Brass of On My Knees, written by the brothers Sam and Ben this is a strong number that deserves being re-heard.  Ben’s vocals are as ever have a clarity and sense of purpose as you try and find your own way and Sam’s drumming underwrites this determination to find the right path.

Throughout out this superb debut album. Rainbreakers are bravely swimming against the tide. They refuse to be placed neatly in a genre. The band are twisting, weaving and coaxing music from across time and genres into the blender of originality. Out of the blender comes the sound of The Rainbreakers. We meet each other Face To Face in the real world full of contradictions the tears and smiles the dark and sunny days, laughs, misery and the days that are just okay. The album is the blend of gritty and smooth, calm and emotional and by the end of the album your soul will be lighter. Thank you for the Rainbreakers distinctive sound, with a swagger and plenty of soul.

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


Track Listing

  1. Heavy Soul
  2. Got Me Where She Wants
  3. Ain’t Nothin’ Going On
  4. Lost With You
  5. Face To Face
  6. Need Your Love
  7. Take It or Leave It
  8. Lay It On Me
  9. On My Knees
  10. Waiting On you/Moving On


Ben Edwards – Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Charlie Richards – Lead Guitar, Keys
Peter Adams – Bass
Sam Edwards – Drums, Percussion

Produced by Tom Gittins and Rainbreakers

Recorded at Monochrome Productions

Engineer: Tom Gittins

Mixed and mastered by Tom Gittins

Rainbreakers Go Face To Face On Debut Album

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