Nola Volume 4 Showers the world with Blues

Nola Volume 4 Showers the world with Blues

Nola Volume 4 Showers the world with Blues some great tracks on this thirty-four song compilation give it a listen and explore the others.

Bluesdoodles rating: 4 Doodle Paws – some great tracks on this thirty-four song compilation – OK, if, like me you have quite a few of the songs, give it a listen and explore the others.

Another double album anthology from the ever-reliable Nola Records, Blue Heart Records and Blind Raccoon, the PR setup that shares them with us.

As usual, I will concentrate on the artists or songs that don’t appear elsewhere on Bluesdoodles with our thought’s on the full album the track was sourced from…use the search facility to be quickly taken to those fine artists.

Out of the generous thirty-four tracks, there’s one by the worst cockney ever….the one and only Dick Van Dyke doing a blues standard and, forget his film and tv appearances, this guy (96 going on 26) understands the blues. There are a few new to us artists too, and so a hell of a lot to explore.

To the music, and I’ll start by apologising to Mr Van Dyke…to have such an illustrious career remembered for one role is grossly unfair and he could always sing, and still can as he supplies one track from his Step Back in Time album of blues standards. The track is the old Is You IS Or Is You Ain’t My Baby. Written by Louis Jordan and Billy Austin in 1943, DVD does a jazz/blues reading and keeps the mood and does a damn good job, especially when the pace picks up after the dreamy start.

More highlights come along with Mike Guldin and the blues-rock of Tumblin’: it may follow a familiar pattern, but the guitar playing is first class, original and this instrumental with equally good keyboards is a delight and I’m guessing the band is his regular Tumblers. Some quality acoustic blues with slide comes from David Gogo on the track Never Gonna Change: this is one of those irresistible guitar/piano mid-paced blues and a superb slide solo to top it off. This is the lead-off track from Silver Cup, the latest album from the Canadian blues master. Staying acoustic, Jim Koeppel provides a folk styled tale over a brilliant bass line and some neat guitar chord work and a restrained, effective electric solo. More slide? Yes please: Miss Box and band provide just that with the bouncier than the title, Trail Of Tears, suggests…a lovely song.

The Mary Jo Curry Band supplies a couple of singles: Rent is southern tinged blues-rock and Idaho bound which is a clever, bluesy, layered rock instrumental with plenty of tasty guitar and keys. Matt Lomeo has an exclusive to this compilation single, called Accepting Applications…it’s not a recruitment advert as it’s a soulful, Tamla – ish song about a broken heart. Mark Cameron’s great guitar work appears with a brand new single called Sorry; blues-rock of quality.

I’d better stop now, or Tolstoy will think he has some competition! Suffice it to say that there are a lot of great tracks here, many from past favourites we’ve reviewed here on Bluesdoodles…Donna Herula, Blind Lemon Pledge, Wily Bo and others are all worth seeking out and, as this collection is via download or streaming, you can have a listen before you buy the whole album.

Track listing
Disc 1
Mark Cameron- Sorry
So Far So Good – Peter Veteska
Devil In The Dark – Michele D’Amour
Black Eyed Susan – Blind Lemon Pledge
If Your Phone Don’t Ring – Trudy Lynn
After all – The Love Light Orchestra
If Only We Could Dance – Clarence Spady Neighbour, Neighbour – Bobby Gentile and Carlo Ellis
I Want To Know – Wily Bo Walker
Tumblin’ – Mike Guldin
Smoky Tango – Laura Tate
Funky Steampunk Blues – Professor Louie
Back Door Woman Blues – Waydown Wailers
Never Gonna Change – David Gogo
Accepting Applications – Matt Lomeo
Firebreather – Skylar Rogers
Get Well Johnny – Trevor B Power

Nola Volume 4 Showers the world with Blues

Disc 2
Bang At The Door – Donna Herula
Hard Times Coming – David Rotundo
She Might Meet Me – Kenny Parker
Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby – Dick Van Dyke
Born Under A Bad Sign – Chris Daniels, Hazel Miller, Dana Marsh
Cure For The Blues – Adam Schultz
B-Side Of My Life – Jon Spear
Party In The Room Next Door – David Vest
Do The Rufus – Johnny Tucker
Rent – Mary Jo Curry
Ruthless Boogie – David Lumsden
Trail Of Tears – Miss Bix
Livin’ For Me – Tiffany Pollack
Idaho Bound – Mary Jo Curry
Takes One To Know One – Teresa James
It’s Not My Life – Jim Koeppel
This Old Road – Trevor B Power

(Inevitably, iTunes travelled to other “various artists” so I gave it a nudge and listened to The Velvet Underground…I love the playful I’m sticking With You and I don’t really know why!)

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