Molly Karloff are made up on Supernaturalation

Molly Karloff are made up on Supernaturalation

Molly Karloff are made up on Supernaturalation a band that will mature with the progression to a full-length album where they can show the depth and strength of their song writing.

This three-piece rock band may be from Oxford, but they ignored the dictionary from that fair city when Molly Karloff named their new EP Supernaturalation. Mind you, convention isn’t followed by these guys…their name may sound like a cross between Molly Hatchet (the Floridian lady of the night with a penchant for decapitating her ‘customers’, not the band) and the actor who immortalised the monster created by Baron Frankenstein, although the real reason remains with the band.

This release is the follow up to their debut EP, Dancing For Money, and builds on those first steps with five tracks of heavy, grunge tinged (some might say alt.) rock.

Opening with the title track, we are immediately deep into heavy riff-driven rock but with melodies aplenty woven through the verses, the lighter choruses and a neat bridge that uses wah to good effect before a tasty, short solo.  She Said opens with phased and pedalled guitar that leads into another catchy, heavy riff that devolves into barred playing behind the vocal melody before picking up the riff again and introducing some nice stop/start work before the more melodic chorus. Using the intro as the bridge they then supply a very good guitar solo drenched in pedal effects that is too short but, thankfully, isn’t shredded but played with a deft touch. Do You Wanna? is has a sort of punk meets Sabbath as the intro riff echoes the Iommi approach but speeds up with eth aforementioned punk feel. The chorus is destined for the stage where the crowd will enjoy joining in. The raucous nature of the song is reflected in a discordant bridge and a pause before a variation on the riff introduces another paced but thoughtful solo, even if it is a bit too punk for my aged ears.

Do It Again is back to so-called alt.rock a la QOTSA but with a bit more melody and, after a tasty bass/guitar duet the guitar solo is fluid and fitting. The final track, The Other Side slows a little and has a bit of blues hidden deep in the background that makes the weight work a bit better. Then the clever intro to the solo adds quality to the whole thing.

Although my rock tastes tend to be more ‘classic’ oriented, there is still a lot to get from this young band’s output and I bet they are even better live. I look forward to the growing maturity evident in their work and, hopefully, the progression to a full-length album where they can show the depth and strength of their songwriting.

Bluesdoodles rating: Great Listening – Why the depth and strength of their songwriting.

Track listing:

  1. Supernaralation
  2. She Said
  3. Do You Wanna?
  4. Do It Again
  5. The Other Side


Simon Guillard: vocals, guitar

Dan Podbury: bass

Jowie Adkins: drums

Recorded at Parlour Studios, Kettering. Engineered, mixed and produced by Neil Haynes

Molly Karloff are made up on Supernaturalation

(The iTunes run on track was the gifted and much missed Ronnie Montrose with the fabulous, slide driven Let’s Go off the controversially covered Jump On It.)

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