Light It Up on Friday 13th with Kris Barras Band

Light It Up on Friday 13th with Kris Barras Band

Light It Up on Friday 13th with Kris Barras Band It is a definite his second album released on Mascot Label Group will Light Up your speakers everyday play loud & often

Are you superstitious? The solution is here to allay your fears. As out today is Light It Up on Friday 13th with Kris Barras Band. With a band that is on fire playing live and being in high demand with a growing phalanx of fans since the release of The Divine and Dirty in Spring 2018. His journey has taken him from playing to half-filled venues to sold-out shows and opening for firm blues and rock favourites to being heard on Radio 2 where he played to 3 million people – which caused host Richard Madeley to exclaim, “that’s the reason I love doing this show!” Plus the numerous plays on Planet Rock and internet radio stations around the world.

Produced by the band’s keyboard player Josiah J Manning at Momentum Studios in Plymouth, UK, Light It Up sees him at his most expressive yet, forcing himself out of his comfort zone. “I kinda forced myself to write songs a different way. The biggest difference for this album was that I didn’t pigeonhole myself in any way, I didn’t feel like I had to conform. I just sat down and wrote songs I wanted to write, with a sound I wanted to produce, not thinking about genre whatsoever.”

From the beginning the album sets off, Kris and the band state their determined intent to not be bound by genre with a beat fuelled southern rock-infused What You Get. The emotion of the lyrics and strong melodies are worn on the sleeve of the song as the band cries the chorus of “You want the best of me, but can’t take the rest of me, well my mama packaged me whole, if you can’t take one little mistake, I think I’d rather be alone.”  There is no argument that this will be sung by the fans every time this song is played. The tempo continues at a swirling pace with whirling keys on Broken Teeth, don’t be afraid is the theme on a number that is infectious and filled with that gritty we-can-do attitude of Kris. The tonal palette changes with a grunge rocky-blues groove on Vegas Son a perfect pitch for Kris’ distinctive gravelly vocals that works perfectly with the six strings of his guitar.  Your feet are tapping the volume is up and we are in the groove of Light It Up.

We are now in the mood for the title track, Ignite (Light It Up) Josiah’s keys are front and centre this is a high octane rocking number that pulls you deep into the beat, you are always left enthralled, entertained and excited by Kris and the band in full rock mode! The guitar is sharp and moody and the rhythm section of Elliott and Will grind a deep groove. The beat stays full-on like an alarm call 6AM starts, with great backing vocals and a guitar that weeps, sings and delivers delicious licks and riffs linking the hope in the lyrics. How to follow this at the half-way point, slow down the pace, add some country and sing a love song Rain. The lyrics reflected in the raindrops of a melody that soothes and has textures that shape your mood, on this slightly stripped-down number. This is not a soft song it fits perfectly in the lexicon of sound that shapes the music of Kris Barras. 

Three rock-infused numbers Counterfeit People, Bullet and Wound Up have the chance to rock out with the band in your lounge, at work or better still with friends at his next show. Each song brings a different angle in the vast array of music defined by rock so your interest will always be maintained and your ears filled with rocking aural delights.  Between these is Let The River Run, a lyrics driven high energy number that has a melodic flow that is counterintuitive to the subject matter of mental health, depression, anxiety. Kris has made a statement with hope, not to overthink and let the river of life flow through you. Once again the female backing vocals add a tonal strength to a powerful track.

Penultimate track and we have cowbell in the driving rhythmic mix that opens What A Way To Go a fully-fledged party the night away mode; a number we all will be jumping too! The pace has raised another notch with Not Fading, this feels like a closing number but no we have a thirteenth track to celebrate Friday 13th release date … Pride is Forever as we end on Kris Barras old fighting mantra. The pace slows a tad but the tempo is ignited with the energy the band brings to every song whether in the studio or live on stage in front of 75 or 3,000 people. It is a definite Kris Barras Band Light Up your speakers from the first note to the end every day on his second album released on Mascot Label Group.

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


  1. What You Get
  2. Broken Teeth
  3. Vegas Son
  4. Ignite (Light It Up)
  5. 6am
  6. Rain
  7. Counterfeit People
  8. Let The River Run
  9. Bullet
  10. Wound Up
  11. What A Way To Go
  12. Not Fading
  13. Pride Is Forever


Kris Barras – Guitars/Vocals

Josiah J Manning – Keyboards

Elliott Blackler – Bass

Will Beavis – Drums

Light It Up on Friday 13th with Kris Barras Band

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