Larry Miller Is both The Saint and The Sinner

I must share with you the unadulterated pleasure in hearing Larry’s voice and guitar pour out of my speakers with this new double album. The sound was a comfort blanket of musical joy of being reunited with an old friend as he opened the album with aptly titled I Gotta Turn The Corner.  I am running away with the music first let’s put the latest album from Larry Miller, The Sinner and The Saint into context.

The album is the first new album from the blues-rock maestro in over four years. Larry’s life was put on hold when he was recording this album four years ago when he had a stroke. Since then he has been on a personal road of recovery and now he has managed to complete this double album.  The Sinner and The Saint is a testimony to his determination and overwhelming desire to play the guitar and sing his own indomitable style of blues-rock stepping in the footsteps of Rory Gallagher with his energy and verve mixed with a delicate touch. This is reflected in the mix of high energy numbers to rock out with and the sensitive ballads and slow blues that nestle in your heart.

He opens the album with the flourish and driving beat that made Larry Miler so special live with I Gotta Turn The Corner. We know we are in the presence of the man himself, the lyrics flow with irrepressible humour and with this album fans will see Larry has turned a mighty corner in his personal life. Following on with Women and The Blues as the guitar sings in harmony with the vocals and stinging lyrics. The tempo is tempered with I Want My Life Back, the keys reflecting the haunting vocals and the guitar captures an inner Gary Moore.

With fourteen tracks all very special I am going to take a Pick n’ Mix approach. Those missed out are still awesome, buy the album to check out my validation of the album! The album captures blues that shimmers with the power of a Saint and the devilment of a Sinner and rocks the power of electric amplification.

Change of shape and tone as we hear his 1931 National Duolian Resonator on Black Oak Arkansas Hangman. We have the storytelling, Larry, complimenting with the rich warm sound of a resonator and that distinctive tonal edge that makes acoustic exciting.  Further into CD One, we have No More Mr Nice Guy with an upbeat sound that has a percussive edge and we meet another side of Larry’s approach to his music. He shapes his Les Paul into the tonal sound that reflects the lyrics and lifts up the number to another dimension.

We have to have a train to keep us on track as we explore the sound we love again and we do Hear The Train A Coming on this number that rocks n’ rolls with the rhythm of life as the number steams through our speakers as the second CD opens. How this contrasts with the acoustic beauty of The Outlawed Name, that is a gently moving number that allows you to draw breath and reflect on the artistry of this troubadour.  The pace picks up with a full-on rock it out number Why Don’t You Believe Me, the keys flow through the number adding another dimension to the guitar with a beating of the drums giving resonance to Larry’s questioning as he sings Why Don’t You Believe Me. Closing out the album with Ain’t No Love Here Anymore, the guitar sings with an inner purity of a Saint. Full of sadness and regret the guitar sighs and sings to you. What joy this new album brings full of emotive intensity and totally authentic in its delivery.

The double album has fourteen Larry Miller originals that excites from the first to the last note. This is an album for lovers of blues-rock and will delight his phalanx of fans who miss him on the live scene. The album brings his energy and style into our front room, cars and wherever and whenever we listen to our music turned up loud. 

Larry Miller’s The Sinner and The Saint out on Big Guitar Records

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …



  1. Gotta Turn The Corner
  2. Women And The Blues
  3. I May Be Down [But The Kids Ain’t Out]
  4. Black Oak Arkansas Hangman
  5. Your Tears Will Hit The Floor
  6. Keeper Of The Flame
  7. No More Mr Nice Guy
  8. Don’t Talk About Me


  1. Hear The Train A Coming
  2. Rescue Me
  3. The Outlawed Name
  4. Taste My Love
  5. Why Don’t You Believe
  6. Ain’t No Love Here Anymore


Larry Miller – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin

Neil Sadler – Bass, Keyboards

Graham Walker – Drums

Larry’s Instruments

Collectors Choice #12 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top 1957 through Marshal Stack

1931 National Duolian Resonator

Mandolin (Your Tears Will Hit The Floor)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at No Machine Studios, Wokingham by Neil Sadler

Larry Miller Is both The Saint and The Sinner

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