I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore shaping Husky Tones EP

I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore shaping Husky Tones EP

I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore shapes the Latest Husky Tones Recording capturing once again music with attitude for the twenty-first century. The Husky Tones will never be standing in concrete boots reproducing the same music or simply replicating the talents of yesteryear. What the dynamic Bristol-based power duo do is capture and distil their own musical cauldron generating a bubbling and vibrant mix of contemporary alternative sounds from The Bonnevilles through to Iggy Pop and the music inspired by the blues from North Mississippi Hill Country. The main ingredients of their sound are provided by the dual musical prowess of Victoria Bourne’s, energetic drumming and vocal dexterity and the guitar magic from Chris Harper’s six-stringed wonder.

Opening with the title track I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore, be warned do not expect a continuation the critically acclaimed album Who Will I Turn To Now. Things have changed, with vibrant confidence Victoria has kicked away her drum stool and now stands to drum and sing.  This is a protest about life and that sometimes you have to kick back pick up the reins and furrow your own path. This the duo have done yet again with a distinctive and infectious sound.

In the middle of this short offering from Husky Tones, I Blame Love, shows a different side of the duo repeated in the last number. This is no love ballad, we hear in the vocal delivery hurt and joy. This is love in all its complexity, reflected in the drumming and dirty guitar sound. Love has a multiplicity of emotions and definitions and this they capture in the music being played.

We dip into politics of the past and now with What’s The Time, John Ball. Time and what would have happened if William Morris’ dream of meeting hedge priest John Ball. Time curves and changes as we have that distinctive beat of Victoria’s drumming controlling the tempo and timing that is fervent and uplifting. Husky Tones works reflect their attitude to life and are always informed by the past. Once again a family member has a song this time 3x Great Uncle Walter a petty thief who was transported to Australia.  The construct of a tale of a person’s life is taken straight out of the blues/folk music copybook, the instrumentation is definitely edgy, modern and unique.

I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore, a six-song EP that explores the sonic spheres that have shaped our lives with punk attitude fashioned into a sound that personifies Husky Tones, blues that has escaped, defying that modern need often demanded. Style and music attitude have to be fixed in a specific and narrow genre/marketing niche. The Husky Tones escape by saying I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore, let go, smile at the world, being yourself you don’t care just that you will not be controlled.

Song number six calms down reflecting reality as you fear for the near future when someone close to you is very ill. Victoria’s voice and Chris’ guitar have a hesitancy that captures that moment when you do give a damn and it hurts. A stylish closing to an EP that shows you can, if you have a heart, only say  I Don’t Give a Damn for a moment in time and while you do it is euphoric and fun.

I Don’t Give a Damn Anymore – Husky Tones

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …


The six songs of I Don’t Give a Damn Anymore’ will be available as a digital download for £5 from July 1st. If you purchase from www.huskytones.com, you’ll be taken on a unique experience whereby you’ll receive an email a day for six days including a link to where you can download a new song, read the lyrics and watch a video of the Husky Tones talking about the making of the song. If you purchase during the pre-order period, you will also receive an EP of alternate takes and acoustic


  1. Euphoria
  2. I Blame Love
  3. What’s the time, John Bull
  4. Walter Cull
  5. The Last Line

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Mat Sampson at Bink Bonk Studios, Bristol

I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore shaping Husky Tones EP


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