Human Condition latest Exploration by Black Stone Cherry

Human Condition latest Exploration by Black Stone Cherry

Human Condition latest Exploration by Black Stone Cherry with a heavy, groove cast from granite rather than sandstone a musical bear-hug.

The Human Condition Out Friday 30th October Album Now Available For Pre-Order HERE

Human Condition latest Exploration by Black Stone Cherry

BLACK STONE CHERRY are set to release their seventh studio album, The Human Condition on 30th October via Mascot Label Group. The collection will be available in digital, deluxe CD and vinyl formats, with an array of music & merch bundle options and a UK exclusive purple vinyl, which you can pre-order now at
The Human Condition was self-produced & tracked in BSC bassist Jon Lawhon’s recording facility, Monocle Studios. The release was completed mere days before the COVID-19 lockdown was imposed and as events progressed, it became apparent that the album the Kentucky band were completing, featured lyrics that were eerily prescient.
“There was a real urgency and fear of the unknown during those sessions – it was a scary time,” recalls drummer, John Fred Young. “Every song on this album tells a story of the experiences we all go through – our happiness, our struggles, and how we have to adapt.” 

The consolation prize as the tour dates to the UK are pushed back until the leaves turn colour again throughout September 2021 when Black Stone Cherry return to blast their own indomitable rock out across venues, Until then we have the superb new album The Human Condition. I can tell you this as I have had to stop just listening with a mix of delight coloured with a bittersweet tinge that live music has fallen silent. I want to hear these tracks live played at full force, she says stamping her feet yet again like a naughty toddler. Can’t help it I feel bereft without live music as I know so many of our readers do. Now on to the album which we can get our hands on from 30th October so Pre-Order HERE.

Bluedoodles thoughts on the album

Opening the album, with silence and the growing static until the drums and Chris’ vocals breaks through “People, People your attention pleases I need to tell y’all about a new disease, it crept right up from beneath our nose….” We now have Ringin’ In Head. We are now enmeshed in the full glorious BSC onslaught of their own distinctive form of heavy chugging power rock. The sound is persistent and you do not want it to stop. As the album picks up a country stomp with the now-familiar Again the single and video that just captures your attention and worms its way into the music that flashes through your head unprompted making you smile every time. The fuzzy, country-rock is intoxicating every time.

When Angels Learn To Fly is a BSC ballad that lures you in and will not let you go. We get that warm hug from the vocals and the guitars hat curl around you this is hot chocolate spiced with cinnamon and whiskey, soften with a whirl of cream. As ever the rhythm section is the base that allows the music to fly in whatever direction they wish to go. The combo of John & Jon on drums and Bass are a dynamic gut-wrenching pairing that is the fuel for The Human Condition.

The album is blistering. Every track delivered with emotion. There is an inherent balance, the vocals are mighty but never lose diction while at the same time the instruments complement, never overpowering. Building off each other and perfect example of musicians not at war with each other but working in harmony. This flows through the album as the tracks build and ebb, with each re-visit a new element is discovered by your ear. This is amplified with the middle trio of songs, In Love With Pain, The Chain, and Ride. Each brings a different element of the multi-faceted interpretation of rock music that Black Stone Cherry brings to the party.

This brings us seamlessly to another ballad If My Heart Had Wings, one of my favourite tracks on the album the mix of cooler opening, huge crescendo in the chorus, and sublime guitar. This is a song that keeps on giving it lifts your heart raises your mood. Yet, the melancholy of the lyrics makes you pause and consider your own regrets and failings as a member of the human race. This s a rock ballad perfectly formed and delivered. As Chris sings “we would be lost without you

Following the epic ballad is an unexpected cover – Don’t Bring Me DowIn My Head. It is pure BSc, chugging, rocking pleasure. n, mixed into the BSC stamp of good time stomping rock are echoes and refrains from the 1970s as they cover ELO’s hit. This is a clever cover that takes you back and forward leaving you in a whirlpool of BSC vibes. Following seamlessly from this unexpected cover with Some Stories. The drums open with a symbolic determinism of stories being shouted out to us from every direction. We have the devil evoked and the world of fake and conspiracy. The message is clear not believing every story we are bombarded by the media in every shape and form. Loving the symbolism evoked with the chandelier hanging from the tree… The guitar squeals at the constant tirade of stories that shower us every moment of the day and night.

Closing the album with Keep On Keepin’ On perfectly sums up where we are all at now. The mood is captured in the opening vocals following a fuzzed-up opening refrain, ‘… absolutely nothing all I have is time on my hands…’ so true for many of us, we owe it to ourselves to be positive and make good use of this precious time to improve The Human Condition and leep on listening to the mighty Black Stone Cherry.

The Human Condition has overall a heavy, groove of Rock with a twist of country being cast from granite rather than sandstone the album whirls and whips up the energy so that your listening area becomes front of stage the band surrounds you with a musical bear-hug. There is plenty of tonal colours, emotive lyrics and melodic riff and licks to conjure up lighter moments. Into this mix they have three piercing ray of light with ballads and country to ensure the sonic onslaught is might and emotional. reflecting perfectly The Human Condition.

Bluesdoodles rating: Stupendous, The Human Condition Rocks Under Black Stone Cherry’s influence

Track Listing
1. Ringin’ In My Head
2. Again
3. Push Down & Turn
4. When Angels Learn To Fly
5. Live This Way
6. In Love With Pain
7. The Chain
8. Ride
9. If My Heart Had Wings
10. Don’t Bring Me Down
11. Some Stories
12. Devil In Your Eyes
13. Keep on Keepin’ On

Black Stone Cherry are:
Ben Wells: guitar
Chris Robertson: vocals & guitar
Jon Lawhon: bass
John Fred Young: drums

Human Condition latest Exploration by Black Stone Cherry

As we wait for a live show check this out an excuse for a pre-Halloween socially-distanced, virtual party – Blackstone Cherry announced on Facebook with a video that ‘We’re bringing rock n roll straight ya’ll homes LIVE FROM THE SKY. Celebrate the new album release this Friday 30th October with a special broadcast concert, including songs performed for the first time ever.GET TICKETS NOW ⚡️

Last month, the Kentucky based band had to postpone their massive 16-date UK tour, which was set to begin in September, just upfront of album release. The shows have been rescheduled for September 2021 and culminate with a date at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall. Tickets for all original shows remain valid for the new dates.

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