Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th July

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 7th June

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 7th June Doodle-zine submissions open plus music videos, tours and album reviews galore
Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 7th June

Othello invites you to explore the music and that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…

Thank you for the coffee and treats. Liz is enjoying her coffee chilled something to do with Sunshine, warmth and a Bank Holiday thingy. She took the day off and sat in front of the new Summerhouse where she should be writing but seemed more drinking of wine stuff! That is why Tuesday 1st June is the new or virtual 31st May!!! You can buy the hoomans coffee or treats for me by clicking the cute mauve coffee cup Thank you very much in advance.

This week’s highlights include – Doodle-zine Submission open, Dan Patlansky Tour, Greg Coulson, Outlaw Orchestra, Yngwie Malmsteen plus the full round-up of May Reviews & Interviews


Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 31st May

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Doodle-zine the home for creativity

Othello is a patient hound, He is excited to receive your work and share with the world the stories, poems, reviews that will be the right fit for Issue 1 of Doodle-zine – Out 30th June 2021.
Closing Date for Submissions is 11.59 pm Monday 21st June.



Critically acclaimed and award-winning South African singer-songwriter and guitarist, Dan Patlansky, is back with a ten date UK tour in March and April 2022 to support the release of his forthcoming 10th studio album. The album is the anticipated follow-up 2018 release ‘Perfection Kills’

Tickets go on sale via the Gig Cartel on Monday 7th June at 10 am.

Special guest on all shows (except Manchester) will be American singer-songwriter, and Brian May guitar protege “Arielle”. A 21st-century classic rock artist has opened for Joe Bonamassa, Vince Gill, Eric Johnson, Greg Allman, and many others. Her ninth studio album, Analog Girl in a Digital World is out now. 

Photo credit – Will Carter of Two Finger Media

The Outlaw Orchestra hit the studio immediately after the release of their mini-album POWERCUT and are now finishing up their second electric album ‘Makin’ Tracks’. 
The band want to offer you the chance to get your police mugshot onto the album artwork and into a future video. Outlaws that pre-order the advance cd/vinyl deal will receive:

An exclusive Inmate T-shirt and inmate card.
Snap a picture of yourself in your t-shirt holding your inmate card and email
your mugshot selfie back to the band.
This will be included on the vinyl album artwork in the Outlaws Gallery and will be used in a video for a single from the upcoming album.
You will receive a copy of the CD ahead of the official release date and this will be followed by your copy of the vinyl album once production is complete.

‘Makin’ Tracks’ features eleven new songs from The Outlaw Orchestra that demonstrate the band’s signature humour and songwriting. There’s everything you’d expect to get you in the weekend mood, songs for drinking, good times and reflecting on how and why it happened again.

“There is always excitement at releasing a new album and a new collection of songs and hopefully we have coined another mass of one-liners that the outlaw following will quote in their daily life. We’ve kept the energy level up and have demonstrated our tastes from hard rock to pure country with one toe over the border into Latin America. This is the album we wished we’d made…….oh we did! We wholeheartedly love it and hope all the outlaws out there will join the party as it’s about to step up a notch…….line them up!!”

Pre-order for ‘Makin’ Tracks’ Vinyl/Cd T-shirt mugshot deal from June 4th via http://www.theoutlaworchestra.com 
The Outlaws are offering two competitively-priced options: a Single Tee Pre-Order option, with one exclusive T-Shirt and ‘Inmate’ Card for just £49.99; alternatively, a Double Tee option at £59.99, which includes 2 T-shirts for those fans of the band who live together.

Taken from New Studio Album PARABELLUM – released 23rd July 2021
Via Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Label Group

You Haven’t Done Nothin’ the latest single from Greg Couslon is full of his trademark keys and strong vocals. Add into the mix a woven stream of tones of textures, funky, melodic and a thread of electronica wavelengths. This is a foot tapping summer single out 4th June on all digital platforms

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 24th May

Bluesdoodles is looking for reviewers, opinion writers for the blog and the first issue of Doodle-zine – for more information on how to volunteer your precious time email Liz our editor-in-chief at liz@bluesdoodles.com

Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews June 2021

Kelly’s Lot know Where And When to find the blues

Kelly’s Lot know Where And When to find the blues a Wonderful bluesy album that will always be welcome. There is warmth, bite, and emotion flowing through…well worth adding to any collection. Read the Full Tom Dixon Review HERE

Oliver Wakeman and Clive Nolan tell Tales By Gaslight

Oliver Wakeman and Clive Nolan tell Tales By Gaslight Wonderful, progtastic set that, if you have the originals, brings a more revealing listen; if you don’t have them and like Six Wives etc. then you need these…disc three to both parties is also a must. Read the Full Tom Dixon review HERE

Quinn Sullivan is Wide Awake playing Superb Music what a wonderful album full of interest. With skilful instrumentation, and interpretation creating an album that is a cocktail of styles the mix is perfectly balanced. Read the Full Liz Aiken review HERE

J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls

J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls bare their Beggars Soul A wonderful album that will always lift the spirits and put a smile on your face. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 7th June

Cheap Trick new album lives In Another World a wonderful album chock full of the expected pop-rock masterpieces they deliver time after time and still, somehow, sound fresh. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 7th June

Joe Bonamassa Now Serving: Royal Tea Live at the Ryman These are mesmerising versions, sparkling with energy and brilliant ensemble playing. I’m not sure it gets any better than is. An essential addition to your collection. Read Simon Green’s Review HERE

May 2021 Round-up

Great Listening as Mike strips back songs from Clovis Pt1 & 2. The lyrics shine, guitar stings, some were too short and overall the album lacked a sense of purpose. Songs will always make a welcomed appearance on any playlist. Read Liz’s Full Review HERE

New Album finds Jimmy Lee Broken is a great listen for the storytelling backed by a skilful mix of folk, country and underlying blues. Read Tom Dixon’s Full Review HERE

Alex Lopez rides The Xpress on Rising Up a wonderful and varied album of blues, rock and funkiness. From a man at one with his guitar and a band with an almost psychic connection to the guitar and the ever-changing rhythms Read Tom Dixon’s Full Review HERE

Blackberry Smoke stating You Hear Georgia Once again they have dished up an album that delights in a celebration of Country-rock, strong lyrics, hot guitar licks and a mash-up of grooves to keep you interested from the first song to the last and then on repeat. Read Liz’s Full Review HERE

Clarence Spady doesn’t give up on Surrender a wonderful album especially if you like your blues with soulful leanings; still plenty to enjoy if you love guitar playing if quality too. Read Tom’s Full Review HERE

Afton Wolfe goes Solo with Kings For Sale a Great Listen and a rewarding one that has multiple layers that only repeated listens will reveal. With so many diverse influences it should appeal to many. Read Tom’s Full Review HERE

The Reverend Shawn Amos shares the blues… that was The Cause Of It All If you think more covers – then think again it is like hearing them for the first time again…listen, learn, buy! Read Tom’s Full Review HERE

Troy Redfern’s Waiting for Love Single and video out today 21st May whetting our appetites for the release of the album …The Cosmic Fire on 6th August. Watch, Enjoy and Buy Here

This Is Who We Are Now shout out The Damn Truth today – in a rotating room the band rocks out upside down in this gravity-defying video for this rocking good single. Watch, Enjoy & But Here

Stripped Back finding the inner Special Rebecca Downes A Wonderful album that brings a new dimension to songs we’re familiar with and two new ones too…what’s not to love? Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Caitlin Koch talking about singing – rugby and more an open conversation about, being a woman in the music industry & post-pandemic challenges – Read the conversation with Liz HERE

Downes Braide Association (DBA) share Halcyon Hymns for everyone who loves many-layered and involved prog rock with hints of Yes Read Tom Dixon’s review HERE

The Damn Truth can be found Now Or Nowhere A thoroughly enjoyable romp through blues-infused rock and always with a hint of quality 70s rock that, let’s be honest, we (nearly) all yearn for. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Paul Gilbert turns up the Shredded Heat on Werewolves in Portland the album has more shred than a Robertson’s factory with melody. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Troy Redfern announces the forthcoming album with the release of ‘Waiting For Love’ will be released on Troy’s own label Red7 Records on May 21st.
A rocked-up heavy metallic-blue number extravaganza Read Liz’s thoughts on the single HERE

Scott McKeon awakes on New Morning with 5 Doodle Paws – A Stupendous blues guitar masterclass that may not be to every blues lovers taste as it leans heavily toward instrumentals…but to a blues guitar lover, it is an essential addition to my collection and, I would suggest, yours too. Read Tom Dixons Review HERE

Rainbreakers Sparkling Rock Video will Light Me Up a winning combination strong melody and powerful lyrics and tour dates announced hurrah! Read Liz’s thoughts on the single HERE

James Oliver Band – Goofin’ Around (the years) bang up to date retrospective from James Oliver that sparkles anew. If you like rockabilly played with panache, reverence, humour and six string skills, you’ll love this; plus, the reworking of Red House is worth the entry fee on its own – Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

LEVARA show their heritage on the self-title debut Melodic Rock lovers will lap this up and, when the pandemic passes and the band hit the road, I have a feeling they will be even better live. – Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

A Trio of Four Paw delights from Bedford, Boddy & Woodbury. Blues found in Good To Go – Friends of Tuesday and World’s Gone Crazy – Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Kirsten Thein delivers Two Sides of Quality Blues so much to enjoy; plenty of tasty guitars and vocals blend into a very strong album. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Blues Guitarists make the six strings sing – Wonderful blues albums from Crooked Eye Tommy, Eric Johansen and Dudley Taft Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Laura Tate – Live in El Paso a great listen & captures a fine performance & the class band behind her it only lacked a few more true rockers for me, but if you like the jazz/blues/country mix that she delivers so well, then you’ll love this – Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Myles Kennedy – Beware The Ides of March – No need to beware the Ides of March when delivered by Myles Kennedy, the combination of his stupendous voice, strong lyrics and imaginative musical arrangements the album is a five-doodle paw winner. – Read Liz Aiken’s Review HERE

Lisa Mann is but isn’t an Old Girl she is a superb bassist – Four Doodle Paws – Not quite as much blues as I was hoping for but this is a high-quality blues-infused EP that, if you don’t know Lisa, is a damn good starting point. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE

Reverend Freakchild has the (various) blues as we explore two albums Bodhisattva Blues and Supramundane Blues a true showcase of his skills. – Read Full Review from Tom Dixon HERE

Simon Green In Conversation with Pablo van de Poel from DeWolff following release of album Wolff Pack full of Dutch Raw Psychedelic Southern Rock – Read Full Interview HERE

Andy Cohen’s two from 2020 about “growing people” Two albums one to appeal to the children and Tryin’ To Go Home Wonderful album is a great addition to any collection – Read Full Review from Tom Dixon HERE

Dumpstaphunk – Where Do We Go From Here – In the absence of live music put this on and have a house party and funk up your mood to joyous – Read Full Review from Tom Dixon HERE

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