Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 19th July

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 2nd August

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 2nd August bringing you a banquet of musical delights and Doodle-zine submissions open again.
Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 12th July

Othello invites you to explore the music and that is catching his ears, also he will be sharing any news that comes his way…

Wow!!! we are stepping into the Eighth month of the year. Despite empty diaries and restrictions, 2021 is fast flowing. There are some exciting tours to warm our Autumn and plenty of releases to keeping our turntables spinning.

The first issue of Doodle-Zine has been well received, thank you for the support and we are looking forward to Issue 2 it is going to be packed with creativity. We will be sharing selected stories and articles over the next six weeks.

Thank you for the coffee and treats. Lots of music and video’s for you to explore this week. You can buy the hoomans coffee or treats for me by clicking the cute mauve coffee cup Thank you very much in advance.

This week’s highlights include – A Hermit Crab Flash Fiction from Doodle-zine 1, Steve Hacket, Bernie Marsden, NEEDTOBREATHE, REEF, Eric Bibb, plus the July Reviews & Interviews and round-up of June.


Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 28th June

Bluesdoodles is looking for readers to consider the stories being submitted to Doodle-zine – for more information on how to volunteer your precious time email Liz our editor-in-chief at liz@bluesdoodles.com

Lena MacDonald’s – Overall A Minus. This is an example of Hermit Crab Flash: A hermit crab flash fiction story finds a home in the form of some other kind of prose. 
This story uses a School report based on the writer in our lives called Anne Orthor.


Doodle-zine the home for creativity

Submissions for Issue 2 Are open – lots of new and exciting opportunities for your creativity – Check out HERE


Liz had the opportunity via Zoom to chat with Eric Bibb about the album Dear America. Read what we talked about.

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 2nd August

Legendary guitarist Steve Hackett, releases his new studio rock album Surrender of Silence on 10th September 2021, via Inside Out Music. The album features 11 new songs as Steve has been working hard through Lockdown and, for the first time, has completed two studio albums for release within the same year! Hackett also starts his 31 date UK Seconds Out +MoreTour on 10th September.

Highlights for Your Monday Words & Music 2nd August

‘I’ll Play the Blues for You’ – Bernie Marsden Releases a Video of Him Doing Just That, From His Fantastic New Album, ‘Kings’

Bernie Marsden — Guitar legend  — premieres the first video from his #1 Blues Chart album, ‘Kings’. 

Read what Bluesdoodles thought of this 5 doodle paws album HERE


GRAMMY® Award-nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE have released their brand new studio album, Into The Mystery. The album is available physically and digitally via Elektra Records starting today HERE. Limited edition merch offerings are available exclusively through NEEDTOBREATHE’s online store HERE.

“For us to be in a band this long, still enjoy it, and make what we believe is the best record NEEDTOBREATHE has ever made, it comes down to resiliency,” the band shared. “We’re still hungry. We’re ready to take the next step. We also don’t have passive fans. They are living their lives to these songs. They’re resilient. We’re pretty honoured and proud to carry these songs into a world that’s hurting right now. Maybe we could be a picture of hope that inspires someone else to keep going.”

Just as their critically acclaimed 2020 album Out of Body impacted audiences, NEEDTOBREATHE capitalized on a rush of creative inspiration. Without telling a soul, the band decamped to a historic house-turned-recording studio in Columbia, Tennessee to begin working on new music. Over the course of three weeks, they resided under one roof, and recorded together with co-producer and engineer Konrad Snyder and special guests. Out of this “extended summer camp, they handcrafted an album reflective of the moment, yet independent of all expectations—even their own.

For as intimate as the recording process was, the band filmed every minute of it for an upcoming documentary entitled, Into The Mystery. The film has been directed by Chris Phelps and co-produced by Elektra Records and Foundations Music.  Watch the film’s trailer below.


Following last weekend’s brilliant performance at Chris Evans’ CarFest, Glastonbury’s finest rockers REEF have announced the Shoot Me Your Ace UK tour, which will be taking place in April 2022.

The tour’s name is also the title of the band’s forthcoming coming new studio album with the first single and title track due for release in the coming weeks. The album was produced by legendary Duran Duran and Power Station guitarist Andy Taylor and is due to be released next year.

Bassist Jack Bessant comments “We are super stoked to be heading back out on the road again in April 2022 AMAZING! It’s gonna be such a blast to play new songs from our forthcoming album mixed up with Reef classics. Also to see and rock out with our fans after all this time will be truly special as we have all missed the energy flow between the band & our fans when playing live. BRING IT ON!”

Bluesdoodles Reviews & Interviews August 2021

July Round-up

Read the conversation with Eric Bibb about his latest album, Dear America HERE

The Fire Cosmic! fuels Troy Redfern’s Guitar and is definitely a great listen throughout, the second half takes us into a different orbit Read Simon’s Review HERE

Emily Wolfe shows Stealth on Outlier

Emily Wolfe shows Stealth on Outlier a great listen that will surprise and delight after appreciating the layers and intelligence that fills every track. Read Tom’s Review HERE

The Cold Stares gaze at their Heavy Shoes

The Cold Stares gaze at their Heavy Shoes a wonderful album of heavy, varied and skilful blues-rock with sufficient deviations from the template to be always interesting. Read Tom’s Review HERE

Jo Harman and Company Live At Hideaway…at last.

Jo Harman and Company Live At Hideaway…at last. A stupendous live album that shows naivety to an extent but more importantly, shows a significant talent backed by a superb band on the road to success…just not the level that she deserves…yet. Read Tom’s Review HERE

Sean Chambers knows That’s What I’m Talkin’ About.

Sean Chambers knows That’s What I’m Talkin’ About. A wonderful album that is a guitarists heaven; a blues standard lovers treat and an all-around damn good album. Read Tom’s Review HERE

Chris Gill is somewhere Between Midnight And Louise a wonderful album for aficionados of acoustic blues both picked and slided(!) It evokes the blues of a bygone era in a fresh and satisfying way. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Adam Schultz demonstrates Soulful Distancing a great listen for a lesson in consummate musicianship. If you like soul ahead of the blues, you’ll love this. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
New Wave Of Classic Rock compiles and rewards a wonderful introduction to many bands we need to hear and the added bonus of a reminder of how damn good the rest are. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
R K Turner is in good company Out There On My Own a wonderful album of slide driven blues from the Delta of the River Nene. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Mike Zito is restored on Resurrection a wonderful album that reveals new layers with every listen…Mr Zito delivers yet again with his innate sense of the blues backed by serious guitar prowess. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Bernie Marsden pays tribute to Blues Royalty a stupendous album of quintessential blues; a tribute to three great guitar players by a great guitar player. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Rob Stone has a three for all on Trio In Tokyo – a great listen with an album full of memorable readings of some classics. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
The Atomic 44s begin with Volume 1 – a wonderful blues-rock album that evokes memories as it pays tribute to the past in an ingenious way with these nine new songs. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
John Villiers is the ringmaster of A Different Circus a great listen with every song having something that draws you in and leaves you smiling. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Altered Five Blues Band just need a Holler If You Hear Me a wonderful album of skilled and varied blues where the quality never falters. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Gerald McClendon invites us all on Let’s Have A Party a great listen, especially if your blues lean toward the soulful spectrum, backed by superb musicianship throughout. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Rodd Bland pays tribute on Live On Beale Street a great listen when your soul craves some soul; this is a fitting tribute to a great performer and obviously assembled with love. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE
Mark Cameron moves Back From The Edge a great listen with variation, imagination and skill shining through on every song and plenty of blues to enjoy along the way too. Read Tom Dixon’s Review HERE Debbie Bond crosses Blues Without Borders – an exceedingly well put together an album with quality laced through every note a great listen. READ Tom Dixon’s Full Review HERE
Parabellum Shredding with Yngwie Malmsteen a great listen: like most of Yngwie’s work, each track is genius but, unless you are a total shred fan, it can become a bit too much in one sitting; I find I appreciate his skills more by liberally sprinkling my favourites throughout my rock playlists so that the barrage of notes can be analysed, appreciated and enjoyed. READ Tom Dixon’s Full Review HERE
Crobot procreate and Rat Child is issued varied, tasty rock that is cliche free, this is quality with a capital Q: pity it’s just an EP. READ Tom Dixon’s Full Review HERE
Troy Redfern releases “Ghosts” as a free download from the upcoming album “The Fire Cosmic” the single that kicks the album out in the stratosphere. We recommend you pre-order today. READ Liz’s thoughts on the single Ghosts HERE

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